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Druid is a connection-oriented board game created by Cameron Browne.
Rules and a bit of strategy can be found at
Instructions on getting Druid running:
* Get Rakudo.
* Set some environment variables.
* Call 'perl6 druid'.
== Get Rakudo
You need Rakudo to run the Perl 6 code in Druid -- instructions
here: <>.
== Set some environment variables
Put something like this in your ~/.bash_profile analogue:
export PERL6LIB=/your/path/to/druid/lib
export PARROT_DIR=/your/path/to/parrot
alias perl6='$PARROT_DIR/parrot $PARROT_DIR/languages/perl6/perl6.pbc'
(Why do I recommend aliasing to 'parrot perl6.pbc' instead of to the self-
contained 'perl6' executable that can be generated by the Rakudo Makefile?
Because the latter does more strict memory checks than the former, and the
memory checks result in segmentation faults on many systems. Segmentation
faults aren't dangerous, just annoying. I find not having them makes for a
more pleasant game experience.)
Remember to start a new bash process (terminal window, tab, whatever) or to
re-source ~/.bash_profile:
% . ~/.bash_profile
== Call 'perl6 druid'
Yup, you're ready to go.
% perl6 druid
% perl6 druid --size=10 --computer=1
% perl6 druid --help
== For those who want to compile things
(After all, compilation does make startup a little faster.)
% perl Makefile.PL
% make
Remember that you still need to set $PERL6LIB and $PARROT_DIR as above. The
file Makefile.PL will complain if you don't. The 'make' process, should you
foolishly proceed to it without heeding Makefile.PL's advice, will not
complain, just fail.
== License
This Druid implementation is released under Artistic 2.0. See LICENSE.
Permission to release the game graciously given by the game author.
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