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Intentional testing
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Like git, but for managing the workflow around an intentional application.

Some ideas for the subcommands:

epi goto commands       -- edit model/commands.xsd
epi goto events         -- edit model/events.xsd
epi goto MyAggregate    -- edit lib/
epi goto -t MyAggregate -- edit t/myaggregate.t

epi test                -- run all tests
epi test MyAggregate    -- run t/myaggregate.t

epi newtest MyAggregate -- add a test
epi newtest MyAggregate -g Event1,Event2 -w Command3 -t Event4,Event4
                        -- add a test, events and commands pre-filled

epi goto                -- edit file/line, DWIM based on recent events

epi make                -- rebuild Makefile, run make

The test cases are meant to be central to it all, so

  • Saying "I want to implement this test" will set things up properly and take you to the relevant file and line in vim.

  • Mentioning a new type of command, event, or attribute to a command or event will automatically trickle back into the model.

  • It just keeps making git commits with excellent commit messages all the time through this.

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