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PGE contains three regex engines: a Perl 6 one, a Perl 5 one, and one for
file globbing. The current focus on GGE is to port the Perl 6 regex engine
enough to be able to parse arbitrary Perl 6 grammars (to the extent that
PGE can).
The implementation work proceeds in order of the PGE test files. The
rx_quantifiers was the first one to be attacked, because quantifiers seemed
like great fun.
The OPTable tests were next. Only one test was marked TODO in there; it
depends on the :parsed argument accepting a GGE::Perl6Regex object as its
value. (No real obstacle to that one; just haven't found it necessary.)
All tests pass in rx_metachars. A few tests are marked TODO in rx_charclass,
having to do with double-quoted literals. The test marked TODO in rx_backtrack
is marked TODO in PGE as well, and pmichaud has confirmed it's likely bogus.
Some tests had to be marked TODO in rx_modifiers, because they used lookahead,
which isn't implemented yet. Some TODOs in rx_captures were inherited from
name tests status
rx_quantifiers 179 DONE (a few todo tests remain)
t/03-optable.t 42 DONE (one todo test remains)
rx_metachars 238 DONE
rx_charclass 63 DONE (a few todo tests remain)
rx_backtrack 23 DONE (one todo test remains)
rx_modifiers 102 DONE (a few todo tests remain)
rx_captures 48 DONE (a few todo tests remain)
rx_subrules 60 DONE
rx_lookarounds 33 DONE
rx_goal 11 work in progress
rx_syntax 33 to be done
Here's a copy of PGE's STATUS, adapted for GGE:
Perl 6 rule features implemented
* standard regular expression constructs
* quantifiers (*, +, ?, *?, +?, ??, **{m..n}?)
* alternation (|)
* conjunction (&)
* non-capturing groups
* enumerated character lists (<[abcdef]>, <-[a..f]>)
* character classes (., \d, \w, \s, \n, \e, \f, \r, \t, \x[hhh], \o[nnn])
* anchors (^, $, ^^, $$, \b, \b)
* \c[...] and \C[...]
* cut operators (:, ::, :::, <commit>)
* capturing groups
* modifiers :i, :ignorecase, :s, :sigspace (with synonyms :w and :words)
* negated character classes
* capturing subrules (<expr>)
* non-capturing subrules (<.expr>)
* negated subrules (<!expr>)
* built-in rules: <alpha>, <digit>, <alnum>, <upper>, <lower>,
<xdigit>, <space>, <cntrl>, <punct>
* backreferences ($0, $1, $<foo>)
* scalar subrule and subpattern aliases ($<foo>:=(...), $0:=(...))
* composed character classes (<+alpha-[aeiou]>)
Perl 6 rule features to-do
* lookahead and lookbehind (<before> and <after>)
* built-in rules: <null>, <fail>, <print>, <graph>,
<blank>, <sp>, <lt>, <gt>, <dot>, <ws>, <p6rule>, <p5regexp>
* balanced delimited text (<GGE::Text::bracketed>)
* embedded closures ({{ puts "hello" }})
* :lang() modifier
* firstchar/nextchar optimizations
* lookbehind according to S05 definition
* <cut> assertion
* versions of <commit> and cuts that release backtracking state
* :perl5 modifier
* literal assertions (<'literal'>)
* interpolated assertions (<"literal">)
* array and hash aliasing (@<foo>:=(...), %<foo>:=(...))
* don't generate unneeded internal data structures (e.g., gpad)
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