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Regexes are a very useful construct, even in a regex engine. Since we're not
in a position where we're building a regex engine for the first time and
simply *can't* use regex matching, we might as well use it when it's
* The file t/perl6regex/01-regex.t is full of regex matches. We're not
testing those regexes anyway, so we might as well use them fully.
* The CodeString.emit method in GGE::Exp uses .subst and regexes to substitute
in an argument where it finds '%' followed by a digit or a letter.
* The code emitted for term:<< and term:>> do some /\w/ matching.
* GGE::Match.cclass uses regex matching to check whether a character belongs
to a particular character class or not. (Parrot already stores large
generated tables with this information. Rather than reproduce those tables
in GGE, we call down to PGE.) The methods upper, lower, alpha, digit etc
all delegate to the cclass method with different regexes.
* The GGE::Match.ident method does matching agains /<alpha>/ and /\w/.
* The GGE::Match.wb method matches against /\w/.
* The method matches against /\W/ and /\s/.
* GGE::Perl6Regex.parseterm matches against /\s/ and /\w/.
* GGE::Exp::p6escapes matches against /\s/.
* GGE::Exp::parse_term_backslash matches against /\w/.
* GGE::Exp::parse_subname matches against /\w/.
* GGE::Exp::parse_enumcharclass matches against /\s/.
* GGE::Exp::parse_quant matches against /\s/ and /\d/.
* GGE::Exp::parse_dollar matches against /\d/.
* GGE::Exp::parse_modifier matches against /\d/ and /\w+/.
As is clearly evident, those character classes show up everywhere. To really
rid GGE of all dependencies of an existing grammar engine, one would have to
give GGE its own generated table with character class information.