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1 parent b9fcaca commit 16f60a87c651512db2a2c4da60cc9a29b64b7827 @masak committed Dec 28, 2009
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@@ -12,8 +12,9 @@ The OPTable tests were next. Only one test was marked TODO in there; it
depends on the :parsed argument accepting a GGE::Perl6Regex object as its
value. (No real obstacle to that one; just haven't found it necessary.)
-All tests pass in rx_metachars. Currently, work is ongoing in rx_charclass,
-with no real obstacles in sight.
+All tests pass in rx_metachars. A few tests are marked TODO in rx_charclass,
+having to do with double-quoted literals. Work is currently ongoing in
There are two features I can see that need to be implemented for the rest
of the tests to pass. The first is some kind of stacking of TreeSpider
@@ -27,9 +28,9 @@ name tests status
rx_quantifiers 179 DONE (a few todo tests remain)
t/03-optable.t 42 DONE (one todo test remains)
rx_metachars 238 DONE
-rx_charclass 63 in progress
+rx_charclass 63 DONE (a few todo tests remain)
+rx_modifiers 102 in progress
-rx_modifiers 102 to be done
rx_captures 48 to be done
rx_subrules 60 to be done
rx_backtrack 23 to be done

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