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Generate rectangle haikus

Write a program that generates haikus. A haiku has three lines, where the first and last lines have five syllables each, and the middle line has seven. For the purpose of this exercise, each line consists only of letters and spaces.

The haikus generated have the additional requirement that each line be of equal length. The length requirement should not be gamed in any way, for example by padding lines with spaces.

since this one does it
rectangle plus a haiku
it serves as fine text

The program should attempt to generate a new haiku each time. The haiku should consist of English words. If the words make sense in some kind of sentence structure, that's considered a big bonus. Humor and/or deeper meanings are even bonuser.

If you attempt to cheat at this task, you will be defeated by people who don't.

You're free to supply your own wordlist. How you count syllables is up to you, and part of the task. You won't be challenged on trivial differences in syllable counts.

It's OK for the program to run for a while, but it should preferably terminate within a reasonable span of time.