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## Things that might be good to know
-We'd rather not go changing the `description` and `base-test` files
+I'd rather not go changing the `description` and `base-test` files
after having released them, but sometimes new information turns up.
-This is where we'll put it.
+This is where I'll put it.
+* People inform me that the correct way to phrase the error message
+ in the t1 base test is "*of* the form", not "*on* the form". I
+ guess they're right. A spec is a spec, though, so the base test
+ is what counts.
+* If you feel that apostrophes (such as the ones in "it's" or "we'd")
+ should really be allowed in the t2 haikus, you're free to use them.
+ Either change the base test yourself, or ignore the fact that it
+ sometimes disqualifies your haikus. All other non-alphabetics are
+ still disallowed.

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