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Perl 6 Examples

This is intended to be a repository for all kinds of Perl 6 examples.

All examples should work for any full implementation of Perl 6.

If an example needs an implementation specific version then it should end in
.implementation.  For example, if you are making an example that only works
on Rakudo, it should end in .rakudo.


Why not just use the Pugs repo?

1. With github we can have collaborators (simply request via github or #perl6 and I'll add you), or you can fork the repository and then send me a request when you want me to pull in your changes.  You can now also say "perl6examples: add $githubname" and the bot will add you as a collaborator.
2. This is not tied in any way to any implementation of Perl 6
3. Something NEW and FRESH is always more fun (I hope!)


1. Compile a list of open source Perl 6 examples
2. Help different implementations of Perl 6 test out their code in a less
   testy and more fun manner ;)


games     - Games should go in here :)
euler     - Answers for Project Euler <>
perlmonks - Answers to questions
wsg       - Answers for Winter Scripting Games, divided by difficulty and year
bin       - utility scripts
lib       - utility modules

License Information

"Perl 6 Examples" is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.  (Note that, unlike the Artistic
License 1.0, version 2.0 is GPL compatible by itself, hence there is no benefit
to having an Artistic 2.0 / GPL disjunction.)  See the file LICENSE for

just testing commits