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@@ -71,5 +71,27 @@ There are many things which proto does not do. Even so, it is the hope
of its authors that it might be of some use, and make Perl 6 poets bold
in splitting up their work into logical independent units.
+How to add your project to projects.list and poc-projects.list:
+ 1.) Fork the proto repository into your github account (press Fork button.)
+ 2.) Clone your new repository to your local hard drive:
+ $ git clone
+ ( don't forget to change yourusername to your own username.)
+ 3.) Edit the projects.list file and add your project in YAML format.
+ 4.) Commit your changes.
+ $ git commit -a -m 'added my project'
+ $ git push
+ 5.) Checkout the pls branch:
+ $ git fetch origin pls
+ $ git checkout pls
+ 6.) Edit the poc-projects.list file and add your project in JSON format.
+ 7.) Commit your changes.
+ $ git commit -a -m 'added my project'
+ $ git push
+ 8.) On your github page, click "Pull Request", and submit your request.
+After sending the Pull Request, the Proto/pls developers will review your
+changes and merge them with the primary repo.
Proto is (C) Copyright 2010 by the Proto contributors (as listed in
AUTHORS). The license is Artistic 2.0; see LICENCE.

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