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[proof-of-concept] announce 'Loading ecosystem'

This is nice-ish, because it takes a while to do so. In practice, a load
will only happen if a fetch is required. Since it loads a non-small JSON
file, it takes a couple seconds. During this time, it now says what it's
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1 parent 5623bcb commit 4396d9b6c6eca4c9a0d1e9da7ac90903c4ea528c @masak committed Jul 4, 2010
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@@ -43,7 +43,9 @@ class POC::Ecosystem does App::Pls::Ecosystem does FileBackend {
method project-info(Str $project --> Project) {
# This is *so* nice!
unless $!loaded-projects-file++ {
+ announce-start-of('load', 'ecosystem');
+ announce-end-of('load', success);
die "No such project: $project"
unless %!projects.exists($project);

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