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Weeks 4 and 5 of GSoC work on Buf — chrono-flies
Carl Mäsak
2010-06-28 14:27:00 -0700

Chrono-flies (Drosophila chronogaster, commonly known as "time-flies") are known for their fondness for arrows. Lately I've been distracted enough (by $DAYJOB, other Perl 6 projects, and other non-Perl 6 projects) to let two weeks pass by with only one commit in my local branch:

  • Buf is now Positional, and you can index it with postcircumfix:<[ ]>.

I merged/pushed that one a few moments ago.

For good measure (pronounced "only one commit! how'd that happen?"), I did some pre-investigation this evening as to how one might read binary data from a file into a Buf. cotto++ outlined how. Haven't finished thinking about this, but it does seem perfectly doable, which is a notch better than I feared. 哈哈

Also, worth noting here: remember how in Week 2, I changed the Buf constructor spec from slurpy array to non-slurpy array? Well, pmichaud wondered why, and it led to an interesting discussion. Will synch up with jnthn to see if it perhaps merits changing back for consistency with other list-y types.

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