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* [2012-07-27]( triggering doom and dying (pedestal, butterfly, walls)
* [2012-07-28]( moving around III (movement synonyms)
* [2012-07-29]( verb synonyms
-* 2012-07-30: tying up various loose ends
+* [2012-07-30]( tying up various loose ends
* 2012-07-31: the finished game
Stand by, blog post number one is already in the pipeline.
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+title: July 30 2012 — tying up various loose ends
+author: Carl Mäsak
+created: 2012-07-31T00:03:42+02:00
+Seems I was wise enough to plan a day or two of general cleaning up at the end
+of this month. I'm making good use of those days now.
+I'm now idly playing the game, finding stuff that comes up wrong, and fixing
+them. The number of things I'm finding tells me there aren't enough of you
+trying the game out and finding stuff. I encourage you to try it; the game is
+complete now, and all the bugs you find are trophies you can carry with pride.
+Today's work:
+* Made the hanoi game [actually exist in the adventure
+ game](
+ Should've done this from the beginning. Makes the boundary between the
+ contexts cleaner.
+* Tried out the hanoi game on the CLI, and found a few bugs, [which I
+ fixed](
+* Noticed that you can't unlock the hanoi achievement by placing the tiny disk
+ on the right rod, something that should clearly work. [Fixed
+ that](
+ (Yes, I had this issue in the hanoi game itself, and now I had it again. I
+ could have avoided the repeat by implementing sagas, I think. But I haven't yet.)
+* I got "You already have the tiny disk" after taking, putting back, and
+ attempting to take the tiny disk again. Seems there was an event applier
+ missing in `Adventure::Engine`. [Fixed
+ that](
+* Another embarassing one: I put the tiny disk on the pedestal... and the hanoi
+ game state gets printed. [Fixed that
+ too](
+ Apparently, I suck at programming.
+* Didn't get any feedback when putting the tiny disk on the pedestal and
+ avoiding certain doom. [Fixed
+ that](
+* Finally, [the CLI should
+ exit](
+ when the game finishes. Now it does.
+I can also happily report that I've played the whole game through on the CLI.
+So has lue++. So should you.
+I meant to split the different parts of the game into modules today. But I'm
+out of time, so I'll do that tomorrow instead. In the meantime, find bugs and
+report them to me. I know you want to.

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