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TOTE -- An addictively helpful TDD harness for Perl 6
Nothing to see here, yet. I'm just releasing early. The idea for this
piece of software is outlined over here:
Next steps:
* Make a simple script that recognizes when any of a given set of files
is saved
* Make it run 'make'
* If 'make' succeeds, make it run 'make test'
* Introduce smart analysis of the test results: recognize regressions,
no change compared to the last checkpoint, or an improvement.
* Make it react right to these three outcomes: go back to dev mode
on regressions or no change, go to checkpoint on improvements.
* Introduce automatic commits.
* Make the test mode work as intended.
Oh, and the nice graph diagram/tote-workflow.png was generated by
DiTAA <> from diagram/tote-workflow.
You should try DiTAA, it's pretty neat.
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