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use v6;
use Test;
plan 3;
class C::Root {
method foo { 'foo: ' ~ $^d }
method index { 'index' }
class C::User {
method show { 'show user'}
method index { 'index of users' }
use Routes;
given my $r = controllers => {Root =>, User =>} ) {
.connect: [:controller, :action];
.connect: [:controller];
.connect: [:action, /^ \d $/];
is $r.dispatch(['foo', 3]),
'foo: 3',
'Connect call action on the default (Root) controller';
is $r.dispatch(['user', 'show']),
'show user',
'Connect to selected controller and action';
# TOFIX: %!argh cleared by .clear now, and this is remove defaults.
is $r.dispatch(['user']),
'index user',
'Connect to selected controller, call default(index) action';
# vim:ft=perl6
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