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39 lines (30 sloc) 1.55 KB is an incubator for several related but independent web application
projects. It's united by one central goal: to bring web application crafting,
just like the rest of Perl 6, up-to-date with current practices that have
proven to work in other languages.
At the center of this group of projects sits the core, a set of
modules that abstract over common tasks related to HTTP requests and responses.
Here are some other modules currently under the roof of
A Perl 6 port of Ruby's Sinatra. Think of it as abstracting away the
upper parts of the web stack; the part above core. With Astaire
you can write a "hello world"-type web application in a few lines
of Perl 6.
A nice implementation-independent SQL interface. Working with 'datasets'
as its fundamental abstraction, Squerl allows you to construct and
manipulate queries in a flexible way. Not really an ORM layer, it's more
of an abstraction of SQL specifics and platform differences.
A no-frills templating module. Write your HTML (or whatever), and inline
Perl 6 code between a '[%' and a '%]'. Ratel will turn your template into
executable Perl 6, which can then be used to generate the HTML.
A bells-and-whistles templating module. Where Ratel is fast-and-loose,
Hitomi aims for strictness and scalability. A modular system based on
XML SAX streams, it allows for combining (X)HTML and Perl 6 code in the
same template.
Carl Mäsak <>
Stephen Weeks <>