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This plan was drawn up in week 1 of the grant. It was later refined with
more details in week 10 of the grant.
We have something like three layers here. Here's how I view them:
Templating MVC Description
LAYER ONE (ALEPH) | | | q&d get-out-of-my-way programming
| | |
LAYER TWO (BET) | X | | medium-large projects w/o a db
| | |
LAYER THREE (GIMEL) | X | X | large full-stack projects
== Layer one -- quick and dirty web programming with basically no framework
This is slated to be the Perl 6 equivalent of programming on top of CGI in Perl
Rack will be ported more or less directly over to Perl 6-land. Then,
we'll be able to write very small Perl 6 web applications like this:
use v6;
use Astaire;
get '/hi' => {
"Hello World!"
Currently, the things providing inspiration here are these:
On top of that, the Tags module gives us HTML syntax. It would still be
nice to have static validation also, but the state-of-the-art of Perl 6
self-parsing is not yet ready for something like that.
I need to think up more examples that do CGI-like stuff; particularly forms
and sticky fields and all that.
User Authentication will go here too, as soon as wayland gets time to write
about it.
We'll have a templating system at this layer, which does templating without
any assumptions about HTML or structure. That is, the templating system will
also work in non-HTML contexts.
== Layer two -- template programming without a full MVC framework
In this layer, we're already quite a bit above CPAN's HTML::Template. The
templates are all XML-based, but that is only a statement of the internal
processing; both input and output can still be HTML. We're porting Genshi
to Perl 6, and calling the port Hitomi.
While not high-priority, it would be nice to port something like Hpricot,
an HTML document query and manipulation engine, supporting both CSS and
XPath queries.
== Layer three -- a full Rails/Jifty-like MVC framework
I (masak) am currently going through different MVC frameworks to gain some
experience, and blogging about the progress.
These points were things I noticed and liked in Jifty.
* database versions (including DWIMmy upgrades)
* simple declarative built-in dispatcher ('before', 'on', 'after')
* sticky form fields
* form field validation (built-in and custom)
* degrading js/AJAX for everything (including URLs)
* model-side parameter validation
* free autogenerated REST, almost as a side effect
* autogenerated class hierarchy
* continuations (fake ones, but still)
* full stack