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Make possibility to use different dispatchers.
Use grammas inheritance to create DSL for uri to call transfer.
Use {*} and Actions as application structure.
Simple translator request to call:
GET /foo/bar?umh=baz
$app.('GET', 'foo', 'bar', :umh => 'baz')
$'GET'), :tags => 'baz')
REST, call HTTP-methods on the resource:
GET /foo/bar?umh=baz
$resource_foo.GET('bar', :umh('baz'))
Resource is object, with HTTP-methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. Use multi methods to cover typical resource manipulations by this methods.
Chains realization:
GET /company/1/offer
$res_company.Link(1, 'offer');
and then
$res_offer.GET('company', Model::Company $company);
We can use types and/or some args to set chains compatibility. And this give use flexibility to have different chains from the same links:
GET /company/1/offer
GET /user/23/offer
Can call GET on the Offer with different args.
see drafts/{,}
One place with rules for dispatchering.
Use arrays with * as simple pattern for action or resource.
['foo', *]
This is usefull for chain actions schema:
['foo', *, 'bar', * ]
see drafts/
Actions as regular Objects
my $action = @parts.reduce: &dispatcher;
Use .* to call all begins, then alll executes and then all ends of actions.
see ./web-framework-roles