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[README] new and improved

Basically ripped out the old README and started anew with new content.
There are still things missing, but at least it aligns better now with
the project as it stands today.
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-Lightweight Perl 6 framework for web applications. Work-name is
-See our doc/GRANT-PROPOSAL.pod if you wondering about the background to this
-project. See doc/* for other planning documents.
-Ilya Belikin (ihrd), Carl Mäsak (masak), Stephen Weeks (Tene).
-Related repos
- <>
-November (wiki engine)
- <>
-Maya (blog engine)
- <>
-Progress updates
-We use the IRC channel #november-wiki over at for live
-discussions, and mail-list for asynchronous
-ones. People are explicitly invited to participate in these discussions.
-All three project members are blogging weekly about their status.
- <>
- <> is an incubator for several related but independent web application
+projects. It's united by one central goal: to bring web application crafting,
+just like the rest of Perl 6, up-to-date with current practices that have
+proven to work in other languages.
+At the center of this group of projects sits the core, a set of
+modules that abstract over common tasks related to HTTP requests and responses.
+Here are some other modules currently under the roof of
+ A Perl 6 port of Ruby's Sinatra. Think of it as abstracting away the
+ upper parts of the web stack; the part above core. With Astaire
+ you can write a "hello world"-type web application in a few lines
+ of Perl 6.
+ A nice implementation-independent SQL interface. Working with 'datasets'
+ as its fundamental abstraction, Squerl allows you to construct and
+ manipulate queries in a flexible way. Not really an ORM layer, it's more
+ of an abstraction of SQL specifics and platform differences.
+ A no-frills templating module. Write your HTML (or whatever), and inline
+ Perl 6 code between a '[%' and a '%]'. Ratel will turn your template into
+ executable Perl 6, which can then be used to generate the HTML.
+ A bells-and-whistles templating module. Where Ratel is fast-and-loose,
+ Hitomi aims for strictness and scalability. A modular system based on
+ XML SAX streams, it allows for combining (X)HTML and Perl 6 code in the
+ same template.
+Carl Mäsak <>
+Stephen Weeks <>

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