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use Test;
plan 8;
use XML::Writer;
dies-ok {XML::Writer.serialize() }, 'Cannot serialize nothing';
is XML::Writer.serialize(:x[]), '<x />', 'Single root element (named)';
is XML::Writer.serialize((:x[])), '<x />', 'Single root element (positional)';
dies-ok {XML::Writer.serialize((:x[]), :x[]) }, 'Can either pass named or positional';
is XML::Writer.serialize(:x['foo']), '<x>foo</x>',
'Single root element with text contents';
is XML::Writer.serialize(:x[:a<b>, 'foo']), '<x a="b">foo</x>', 'attribute';
is XML::Writer.serialize(:x[12]), '<x>12</x>', 'numbers also work like text';
# check that very long XML output occasionally contains a newline
my $xml = :longidentifier[
(1..20).flatmap: { ; "foobarbaz$_" => [ 'abc' x 5 ] }
ok XML::Writer.serialize($xml).match(rx/\n/, :x(5)),
'Long XML is occasionally line-wrapped';
# vim: ft=perl6
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