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Yapsi Roadmap
Last updated: 2011-05-01
This roadmap deliberately limits itself by the horizons of the current
design. That is, it would certainly be possible to dream further than
this document does, but this document doesn't.
C backend
It would be interesting to explore how fast a SIC *bytecode* interpreter
could be made to run. (SIC bytecode would simply be the textual SIC
instructions converted into a bytecode format.) The Perl 6 Yapsi runtime
isn't optimized to be fast, but this one could be.
Mid-term goals
+ &return
+ FIRST, LAST phasers
+ &last, &redo, &next (using control exceptions)
+ &return re-implemented using control exceptions
+ &die using control exceptions
+ INIT, END phasers
+ START phaser
+ PRE, POST phasers
+ CATCH, CONTROL phasers