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+It is with a boisterous belly laugh that I announce on behalf of the Yapsi
+development team that the December 2010 release of Yapsi, a Perl 6 compiler
+made of Perl 6, by Perl 6, for Perl 6, shall not perish from the earth.
+You can download it here:
+ <>
+Yapsi is implemented in Perl 6. It thus requires a Perl 6 implementation to
+build and run. This release of Yapsi has been confirmed to work on all
+releases of Rakudo Star to date.
+Yapsi is an "official and complete" implementation of Perl 6. Usually in
+the rest of this paragraph I perform some obscure hand-waving or
+ill-formed logic to pretend that the terms "official" and "complete"
+apply to Yapsi... but today I'd like to break from that norm and simply
+proceed by structural meta-circular induction on this paragraph, which
+in itself happens to be official and complete. QED.
+This month's release sets the stage for subroutines (and takes a bold step
+towards Turing-completeness) by allowing programs that put blocks of code
+into variables:
+$ bin/yapsi -e 'my $a; my $b = { say $a }; $a = 42; $b()'
+For a complete list of changes, see doc/ChangeLog.
+Quite a lot of features are within reach of people who are interested in
+hacking on Yapsi. See the doc/LOLHALP file for a list of 'em. Or see
+for a list of English words containing the letter Q not followed by the
+letter U.
+Yapsi consists of a compiler and a runtime. The compiler generates instruction
+code which the runtime then interprets. Cool, huh? Actually, that's quite
+standard. What's not standard is calling the instruction format SIC, and then
+not really having a good idea what it stands for. But never mind; you can
+either produce SIC code or plug it right into the runtime -- of which, by
+the way, famous Perl 6 implementor Jonathan Worthington after learning
+about its inner workings is known to have said "Wow! I don't think I could
+design something that slow even if I tried!" Though not very fast at all, the
+runtime is very easy to modify, which has the effect that we modify it quite
+a lot. We also modify SIC quite a bit; if you expect it not to change,
+expect that expectation to come back and bite you.
+An overarching goal for making a Perl 6 compiler-and-runtime is to use it as
+a server for various other projects, which hook in at different steps:
+* A time-traveling debugger (tardis), which hooks into the runtime.
+ Already underway, see <>
+* A coverage tool (lid), which will also hook into the runtime.
+* A syntax checker (sigmund), which will use output from the parser.
+Another overarching goal is to optimize for fun while learning about parsers,
+compilers, and runtimes. \o/
+Have the appropriate amount of fun!

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