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[README] belatedly updated

No longer running alpha; no longer has a Makefile (use ufo); regressed
on the use-before-declaration thing.
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@@ -1,21 +1,10 @@
= Yapsi -- Yet Another Perl Six Implementation
-This is an implementation of a Perl 6 compiler-and-runtime in Perl 6. It
-currently runs off the old, pre-refactor branch of Rakudo known as 'alpha'.
-You need to have an old version of Rakudo installed (say, the 2010-01
-release), and available in your path under the name 'alpha'.
+This is an implementation of a Perl 6 compiler-and-runtime in Perl 6.
== Building Yapsi
-This assumes that you have a working installation of alpha somewhere in
-your $PATH. Yapsi currently works on top of alpha, an older branch of rakudo.
-If you have not built alpha yet, please build it by doing a git clone from
-<git://> and "git checkout origin/alpha".
-To build Yapsi:
- * type make in the directory where you've cloned Yapsi.
- * copy the generated lib/Yapsi.pir to $PERL6LIB or ~/.perl6/lib folder.
+$ ufo && make
== Features currently available in Yapsi
@@ -35,10 +24,7 @@ $ ./yapsi -e 'my $a = 42; while --$a { say $a }'
In other words, Yapsi currently handles declaration, immediate blocks,
assignment, binding, prefix increment/decrement, if/while, and say.
-The compiler also detects use-before-declaration and syntax errors.
-$ ./yapsi -e '$a; my $a'
-Invalid. $a not declared before use
+The compiler also detects syntax errors.
$ ./yapsi -e 'say say'
Could not parse

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