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MasakhaNER: Named Entity Recognition for African Languages

This repository contains the code for training NER models, scripts to analyze the NER model predictions and the NER datasets for all the 10 languages listed below.

The code is based on HuggingFace implementation (License: Apache 2.0).

The license of the NER dataset is in CC-BY-4.0-NC, the monolingual data have difference licenses depending on the news website license.

Required dependencies

  • python
    • transformers : state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing for TensorFlow 2.0 and PyTorch.
    • seqeval : testing framework for sequence labeling.
    • ptvsd : remote debugging server for Python support in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
pip install transformers seqeval ptvsd


Language Volunteer names
Amharic Seid Muhie Yimam, Musie Meressa, Israel Abebe, Degaga Wolde, Henok Tilaye, Dibora Haile
Hausa Shamsudden Muhammad, Tajuddeen Rabiu Gwadabe, Emmanuel Anebi, Idris Abdulmumin
Igbo Ignatius Ezeani, Chris Emezue, Chukwuneke Chiamaka, Nkiru Odu, Amaka, Isaac
Kinyarwanda Rubungo Andre Niyongabo, Happy Buzaaba
Luganda Joyce Nabende, Jonathan Mukiibi, Eric Peter Kigaye, Ivan Ssenkungu, Ibrahim Mbabaali, Batista Tobius, Maurice Katusiime, Deborah Nabagereka, Tobius Saolo
Luo Perez Ogayo, Verrah Otiende
Naija Pidgin Orevaoghene Ahia, Kelechi Ogueji, Adewale Akinfaderin, Aremu Adeola Jr., Iroro Orife, Temi Oloyede, Samuel Abiodun Oyerinde, Victor Akinode
Swahili Catherine Gitau, Verrah Otiende, Davis David, Clemencia Siro, Yvonne Wambui, Gerald Muriuki
Wolof Abdoulaye Diallo, Thierno Ibrahim Diop, and Derguene Mbaye, Samba Ngom, Mouhamadane Mboup
Yorùbá David Adelani, Mofetoluwa Adeyemi, Jesujoba Alabi, Tosin Adewumi, Ayodele Awokoya

If you make use of this dataset, please cite us:

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