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New feature #1

LuisSerrano opened this Issue Feb 22, 2012 · 2 comments

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Could you add the project support "projects" => [ "new", "create", "copy", "show", "update", "archive", "unarchive", "destroy" ],

I try modify prevent_multiple_submission_issues.js and prevent_multiple_submission_hooks.rb

But don't work, could you helpme ?

Thank in advance



Thank you for using my plugin.

I think that some actions in your suggestion are not needed to support, such as archive, unarchive and destroy,
because they are not emitted by "submit" button.
Therefore, I implemented for "new", "create", "copy" and "settings" actions.

In "settings" action view, some forms do not have id attribute, so prevent_multiple_submission_issues.js includes dirty code :-P

If you find some bugs, let me know please.



Thankyou great job

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