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How to Help Masari Marketing

Firstly, thank you for your interest in helping the Masari Project. With your efforts, and the efforts of others, Masari will grow and help bring financial privacy to all.

Anybody can help contribute to the Masari Marketing efforts so long as it does not cause any problems with what we already have. That being said, consider your help very welcome!


  1. Editing and Writing
  2. Adding your Files
  3. Translating
  4. Spelling and Proofreading
  5. People
  6. Website
  7. Support Masari
  8. What to do if You Are Not Familiar With Github

1. Editing and Writing

When you are editing text, keep in mind that Masari uses specific terminology and words. When you are editing text and / or creating text, it is advised that you try to keep your writing similar to Masari's overall language and image. Further, if you have an idea for a new text project, contact Bazookajeff.

2. Adding your Files

It is advised for you to try out your files before you submit them via pull request, else we will waste time and it will not be a fruitful endeavor. Files need to be reviewed before they are submitted. Please have somebody do this before you try to add your file.

It is advised that you send your pull request to the markdown files (.md) or the raw text files if you are unfamiliar with markdown files. Here is a tutorial that explains how to add and edit a markdown file.

3. Translating

When you are translating text for Masari, it is important to try to keep the meaning intact as sometimes the literal translation does not do as well as a different translation. It is also important to stay consistent in your language to language that has been used for Masari.

4. Spelling and Proofreading

When you are proofreading your document, have a volunteer look it over when you are done. Consider using a word processor to do your first pass on your document and then a volunteer. It is advisable to look for common mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

5. People

If you are stuck and or have questions you can reach Bazookajeff on all of Masari's platforms (Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, etc). You can also reach LoDoCrypto via the same channels.

6. Website

Contributing to and modifying

Since late 2018, the "official" masari website has been hosted on github. This way everything on the site is completely transparent and anybody can propose changes. To propose changes to this site you need a github account. Then you can fork the site's source at This github repo acts as a directory on a webserver; any file and subdirectory in this repo will be accessible under the domain. The structure for the current site was made by a community member and is wordpress-esque. Admittedly, it's rather messy. Of course, by convention, the main page is index.html and most of your changes will come from there. Making meaningful contributions should only require basic HTML knowledge. Once you have made all of the changes you wish to propose and have comitted them to your fork, you must make a Pull Request to upstream. The pull request can then be viewed and discussed by other community members and can then be approved and merged by a Masari Core Team member.

7. Support Masari

People are what make good projects great and Masari is no different. Please consider donating and / or working on the Masari Project.

If you'd like to show your support to the project with a donation, please send to the following addresses:

Masari: 5nYWvcvNThsLaMmrsfpRLBRou1RuGtLabUwYH7v6b88bem2J4aUwsoF33FbJuqMDgQjpDRTSpLCZu3d XpqXicE2uSWS4LUP



Monero: 4A57eA3so6bEE8FUcaN1KtMXD3sxjjbvcKD3MF1pUgRi5PNHTpB7sYN2DmJv3EXxtZCWeG88tsVLzdf ZJcmUFm52SbrfJWr



Bitcoin: 1J1he4qtTuNpCxyEBozkeKfDpoeYxfE3rj

8. What to do if You Are Not Familiar With Github

You can reach out to BazookaJeff on Twitter to help you get started. Github can look pretty daunting but it’s actually fairly straightforward getting started. If you have experience with image manipulators, word processors, and / or editing, you can get started in a few simple steps. You can read this guide here about how to create a pull request. For a broad overview of using Github, go here.

Please note that if you fork the project and / or edit it, it will make your own copy and you will not harm the project in any way. Once you fork the project and make some changes locally, you can submit your work via a pull request to be merged into the project. Full images can simply be uploaded into the appropriate folder.

In short, don’t let using Github hinder you from contributing as all help is needed and welcome at Masari!


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