chainer implementation of triple GANs
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Sample code for Triple GAN


This software is a python implementation of Triple GAN using chainer.

See the paper.

Notice that this code had not implement gaussian noise in discriminator, Because I don't know how to implement it in chainer.


I only confirm the operation under this environment

  1. python 3.5.3
  2. chainer 3.3.0
  3. pillow 5.0.0
  4. numpy 1.14.0
  5. cupy 2.3.0


First of all, prepare mnist data as npy form.
python Then, you can get mnist_train_img.npy, mnist_train_label.npy, mnist_test_img.npy and mnist_test_label.npy.

To train this model, do python

Sample image

Sample image generated in generater after about 500 epochs. resultimage_580


I also made triple GAN code in tensorflow.
But, there are some bugs.