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change name of test scripts

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1 parent 018b46c commit f5279191c7765c768bd09afbd17d98aaa0273d44 Fabio Mascarenhas committed May 4, 2010
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ comgen.dll: comgen.obj
link /dll comgen.obj $(LUA_LIB) $(OLE_LIB) /def:comgen.def
- $(LUA) -l luarocks.require test_generate.lua
+ $(LUA) -l luarocks.require gen_rectpoint.lua
rectpointlib.obj: rectpointlib.cpp
cl /c /I$(LUA_INCLUDE_DIR) /Irectpoint rectpointlib.cpp
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ rectpointlib.dll: rectpointlib.obj
link /dll rectpointlib.obj $(LUA_LIB) $(OLE_LIB) $(OLEAUT_LIB) /def:rectpointlib.def
- $(LUA) -l luarocks.require test_genopc.lua
+ $(LUA) -l luarocks.require gen_opc.lua
opclib.obj: opclib.cpp
cl /c /I$(LUA_INCLUDE_DIR) /Iopc opclib.cpp
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Windows Platform SDK and Lua installation. After that, run "nmake /f Makefile.wi
rectpoint directory, then run "nmake /f all" in the main directory.
Now open an administrator console, register rectpoint\rectpoint.dll with regsvr32 and run
-"test_comgen.lua". If everything is ok there should be no output.
+"test_rectpoint.lua". If everything is ok there should be no output.
The Makefile assumes you have LuaRocks installed, along with the latest version of Cosmo (install
with "luarocks install cosmo current --from=".
@@ -19,5 +19,5 @@ including VARIANT SAFEARRAYs.
The goal is to add the whole menagerie of COM primitive types, along with support for reading type
libraries directly. It should be powerful enough to rewrite LuaCOM in pure Lua. :-)
-The source is the documentation, for now. :-) The test_generate.lua and test_comgen.lua are a nice
+The source is the documentation, for now. :-) The gen_rectpoint.lua and test_rectpoint.lua are a nice
overview of the API for generating a binding and using it, respectively,
0 test_genopc.lua → gen_opc.lua
File renamed without changes.
0 test_generate.lua → gen_rectpoint.lua
File renamed without changes.
0 test_comgen.lua → test_rectpoint.lua
File renamed without changes.

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