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Accessible Slider

This class provides an accessible control to create sliders.

Widget based on Mootools More Slider!


How to use

Create a new slider by simply calling

var slider = new Slider(elementID, knobID, [options]); 


  • elementID - ID of a DOM element to contain the slider
  • knobID - ID of a DOM element to contain the slider knob

Options (extract)

  • steps - amount of steps the slider dimension is divided into
  • initialStep - the start value where the knob is set at the beginning
  • range - define a [from, to] range to specify the dimension of the slider
  • onChange - function that triggers every time the value changes

See a complete example

var el ='myElement'),
font ='fontSize');

// Create the new slider instance
var slider = new Slider(el, el.getElement('.knob'), {
	steps: 25,	// There are 25 steps
	initialStep: 8,
	range: [8, 33],	// Minimum value is 8
	onChange: function(value){
		// Everytime the value changes, we change the font of an element
		font.setStyle('font-size', value);

font.setStyle('font-size', slider.options.initialStep);

In this example the value of the font-size of the element with the id "fontSize" is adjusted according to the slider position.