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Send data json encoded format #65

vipinngupta15 opened this Issue · 5 comments

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i want send tha data by post method. but i want send data in json encoded format how can i send the data.



I'm also in need for such a feature, but I only found this 9 months old pull request where the developer doesn't seem to be on github anymore. Can anybody help here?


You can try my branch, which allows you to compose an arbitrary post content. I have plans to implement schema validation and a better input mechanism before submitting a pull request.


Sorry, I couldn't find time to try your branch. How would you configure a REST method with your approach to be able to send json files via post?


I am able to send the data by post method but main problem is that i have to send data in json encoded format.
so how can i send the data in json in coded format without change the value because when i send the data in json encoded format it change the value.

@vipinngupta15 vipinngupta15 reopened this

closing since it appears this has been fixed by @alexadkins and mentioned in #24

@phairow phairow closed this
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