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Do you guys have any plans to support posts/puts with a JSON payload?


Yes, see issue #3 and the pull request #6. If you are feeling adventurous, you can merge in the changeset from the pull request (#6) and try it out.


Is this implemented? I need to be able to set the contentType on a POST request to application/json. Is this possible to do?


mateo41: I have a fork that implements an aarbitrary content and headers in POST requests, it's not very pretty right now, but it may serve your purposes:




For anyone else looking, issue #3 was solved when pull request #33 was merged. This moves the POST data to the request body, but does not POST it as JSON. For that you'll need to switch the query.stringify to JSON.stringify.


this is currently supported through the parameters. see the public/data/egnyte.json for an example of using a parameter named Content-Type with location of 'header' the encoding of json is currently limited to only support content type of 'application/json' in the content type parameter.

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