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Cookie behavior improvements #12

merged 11 commits into from Jan 6, 2012

2 participants

synedra commented Jan 6, 2012

When returning to an api page, if the browser has a valid cookie they are "Authenticated with OAuth". Works correctly when cookie has been deleted (they need to auth again).

Kirsten Jones added some commits Jan 6, 2012
Kirsten Jones Behave correctly based on browser cookie where possible. be0d1da
Kirsten Jones Adding linkedin.json, d'oh 3a6ef2c
Kirsten Jones Adding the heroku stuff 4508f5d
Kirsten Jones Fixing some odd character issues 9375659
Kirsten Jones Adding config.json just for the heroku piece b9210f7
Kirsten Jones Fixing the port for heroku 0d86ece
Kirsten Jones Revert "Fixing the port for heroku"
This reverts commit 0d86ece03685fb91055035572dba2e1806146b8d.
Kirsten Jones Revert "Adding config.json just for the heroku piece"
This reverts commit b9210f7422539992c21038ac0bd96c6ed10f1917.
Kirsten Jones Revert "Fixing some odd character issues"
This reverts commit 93756590148a5a029ac52dc7702df18aed8e481e.
Kirsten Jones Revert "Adding the heroku stuff"
This reverts commit 4508f5d310b690e617c131429e6ad91e7e33177d.
Kirsten Jones Fixing the apiSecret typo keeping original auth from working be8b9e6

Thanks for the patch Kirsten. Very happy to have all 4,129 lines of LinkedIn API definitions in here, too!

@mansilladev mansilladev merged commit d3bebe8 into mashery:master Jan 6, 2012
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