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adamkaplan commented May 1, 2012

Added support for POST and PUT. These are helpful for using REST APIs... (though I now prefer not to use POST and PUT in practice)

Also added support for read-only and hidden fields. The former are displayed but not modifiable in the iodocs UI, while the latter are just hidden. These fields are generally helpful for supporting fields that are mandatory, but don't change often or ever.

adamkaplan added some commits Sep 13, 2011

@adamkaplan adamkaplan Added support for content-type application/json for post and push req…
…uests. Simply specify "dataFormat":"JSON" in your API endpoint config.
@adamkaplan adamkaplan Added support for true JSON values in PUT and POST data. Previously J…
…SON data would be double-quoted, which could cause parsing anomolies. Any field maked as type JSON will default to this mode.
@adamkaplan adamkaplan Added support for 'Hidden'='Y' and 'Readonly'='Y' for making fields h…
…idden or readonly (or both)
@adamkaplan adamkaplan Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' c13acd9

mansilladev was assigned May 3, 2012

haimich commented Dec 6, 2012

If this would be merged into the master it would help me a lot. Thanks for you work!

haimich commented Dec 7, 2012

I manually merged your code into my application and I'm trying to figure out how to configure the endpoint file to use json in my POST body. Could you please give me an example for the exact syntax?


mansilladev commented Dec 7, 2012

+1. Adam, can you send over your config file? Also, if you have it running in public area, can you send over URL? Thanks.


adamkaplan commented Apr 11, 2013

Sorry for missing your comments... I just happened to check up on this.

Here is a snipped of config that works for "HTTPMethod":"POST", or "HTTPMethod":"PUT",

   "Synopsis":"Creates a new message",
         "Description":"Fully qualified name"
         "Default":"{ }",
         "Description":"JSON associative array of parameters"

alexadkins commented Jul 24, 2014

POST/PUT support in commit 8ff62fc

alexadkins closed this Jul 24, 2014

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