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A simple unix monitor
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Mintr is a simple unix monitoring tool. It intentially avoids authentication, and thus does not monitor or display any private information, nor does it allow any actions to be taken from the web interface.

It, quite simply, shows a few graphs that should help indicate the current status of your server, as well as the status over the past hour.

Currently it shows

  • Memory usage
  • CPU Usage
  • Network activity
  • Process memory usage & CPU usage

You can see a demo at

Installation & Usage

npm install -g mintr

If you do not have nodejs/npm, you'll need to install that first. See for instructions on this.

mintr takes an optional parameter which is the port it runs on, so you can run mintr 1337 if you want to run it on port 1337. The default port is 3000. You can run mintr in a screen/tmux, add it to your system's startup, or anything else you please. Then go to, or replace 3000 with the correct port.

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