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Chrome extension for turning YouTube into the best music streaming service
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PlayTube is a chrome extension with an end goal of being the best music streaming service around. This will include publicly shared playlists, music discovery, unlimited individual playlists & unlimited songs per playlist. Best of all, it will be entirely free. Think Spotify with YouTube videos.

Current Features

  • Simple button embedded on YouTube video pages to add songs to your playlist
  • Synced playlists across any chrome browser logged into your google account
  • Beautiful UI for organizing your favorite songs and playing them
  • Shuffle
  • Unlimited private or public playlists
  • Public playlists


  • Install the chrome extension
  • Navigate to a YouTube video you want to add to your playlist
  • Click the extension button, and click the "+" button in the top right to add the song to your playlist
  • Use the controls to control your playlist
  • Note you can also add videos with the "+ Save" button on the YouTube page itself (top right of video description)


To create/use playlists:

  • Before you do this, you need to save the songs you wish to add
  • Navigate to the playlists tab
  • Press the + button
  • Type in the name of the playlist and press enter
  • Press edit in the top right
  • Select the songs you wish to add to the playlist
  • Press done

To modify a playlist:

  • Go to the playlists tab
  • Press the 3 dots in the top right of a playlist
  • Select the option you wish (rename, make public, or remove)


  • Music discovery (Would be nice to have a database of artists, albums & their songs linked to YouTube vids of each song - probably crowdsourced)
  • Converting YouTube playlists into PlayTube playlists


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