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Web UI to manage and trigger jobs running on a Play! Framework application
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Play! Jobs
Web Interface to manage and trigger jobs running on a Play! Framework application. A JAX-RS/RESTFul JSON API is available through Play!’s RESTEasy Module.

by Felipe Oliveira

Live Demo

Install Locally
- Install Module
- git clone play-jobs into a local directory separate from your play app
type “play build-module” to build the module. Enter “1.2” or so for required version
- look for instructions on how to set up references to local modules, such as
- Add module routes to the application that’s installing the jobs module
— see instructions in play-jobs/conf/routes
- Start your play application
- In your browser, go to http://localhost:9000/@jobs

You should see all the jobs defined on your application, basically your classes that extend

Using Play!‘s RESTEasy’s module. All the business logic is encapsulated on service class JobsService which contains
the annotations necessary to expose the service and bind it as a JSON interface.
This JSON interface is useful if you need to hook your Play! application into a monitoring solution like Nagios.

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