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-title: Publishing the documentation
+title: The Socko project site and documentation
-# Publishing the documentation
+# The Socko project site
-The documentation for Socko is hosted on [GitHub
-Pages](, with the gh-pages branch of the repo
-containing the documentation for multiple versions at once.
+The Socko project is at []( This site
+includes the [documentation for multiple versions of the
+software]( This page explains where to edit
+documentation, how to synchronise that documentation to the project site
+branch of the repo, and how to publish the project site.
-This document explains how to publish documentation for the project.
+## Editing the project documentation
-## The publish script
+Each instance of documentation is generated from the markdown files in the socko-docs/docs
+directory. Aside from being markdown files, these files also include
+information to drive the Jekyll generation of the project site. This mostly
+means that they contain [YAML front
+## The synchronise script
+The socko-docs/ script is used to synchronise documents to the
+[project site]( stored in the gh-pages
+branch, from either the current branch or a tag. It works in the following
-The socko-docs/ script can be used to publish documentation to the
-[project site]( for either the current branch or a tag. It works in
-the following way:
- Finds the current branch or tag if available
- Checks out the gh-pages branch
- Use git archive to export the socko-docs/docs directory from the identified
branch or tag to a docs directory namespaced by the branch/tag name
+- Commits the changes to the gh-pages branch
+# Publishing the updated project site
+To publish the project site, push the gh-pages branch to GitHub. Socko uses a
+custom domain name for the project site, so the updated site will be available
+at [](

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