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Java based Pokemon GO Bot
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Pokemon GO Command Line Java Bot


Pokemon GO walking/sniping bot using the PokeGOAPI Java library

This bot currently does the following:

  • Auto evolves the highest CP Pokemon
  • Auto transfers the lowest ranked Pokemon (under a specified CP value)
  • Can walk at the right speed to hatch eggs
  • Walks from Pokestop to Pokestop looting and catching along the way
  • Can get from Level 0 to Level 10 in about 45 minutes. Level 20 in about 3ish hours.
  • Sniper mode can teleport to a specific location for a specific Pokemon and complete the catch back where you want it to prevent soft bans
  • Soft ban spin fix: Attempts to macro the Pokestop open/spin/close repeat steps until the account unlocks.


  • Git
  • Java 1.8
  • Gradle


These submodules will be initialized in the submodules directory.


  • Clone this repository
  • Change to this root directory
  • Initialize the submodules with git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Build with gradle gradle build

This will give you an executable jar in the build/libs directory and you'll be ready to go botting!



You must place a file in the same folder as the executable jar you can store a number of default configuration parameters:

pokebot.maps.key=<YOUR GOOGLE MAPS API KEY>

pokebot.auth.username=<PTC AUTH USERNAME>
pokebot.auth.password=<PTC AUTH PASSWORD>
pokebot.auth.provider=<PTC or GOOGLE>

Command Line Parameters

If you run the jar with the -h flag it will output all the available options.

Authentication Parameters

All of these can be configured in the file and do not require being entered at the command line

Option Description Type Sample Value
-u PTC username String SuperCoolPokemonBot
-p PTC password String MyPasswordNeedsChanging1
-l Login provider to use Enum PTC or GOOGLE

Bot Mode Parameters

Mode Description Add'l Required Parameters
--wander (or nothing) This is the default mode, simply having no other mode will enable this. None
--snipe Teleports to the destination to capture a rare Pokemon --dest-lat, --dest-lng. If --pokemon is provided it will only catch that type of Pokemon at the destination.
--softban Attempts to use the spin fix method of releasing a soft ban. None
--fight Will run to the nearest Gym and attempt to take it over. This is still in development and really just does not work at the moment None (yet)

Location Parameters

lat and lng can be put in the file if you always want your bot to start at the same place

Option Description Type Sample Value
--lat Bot's starting latitude Double 45.2181432
--lng Bot's starting longitude Double -121.1812911
--dest-lat The destination or target latitude to use for various modes (like Sniping) Double 45.218123
--dest-lng The destination or target longitude to use for various modes (like Sniping) Double -121.181291

All Other Parameters

Option Description Type Default Value
-b Perform heartbeat every [value] number of operation ticks Integer 50
-c Maximum CP value to auto transfer (Pokemon with CP above this value will be kept) Integer 250
-e Auto-evolve Pokemon when possible Flag
-f Attempt to fight at nearby Gyms while walking Flag
-s Size of each bot 'step' in meters Double 10
-t Auto-transfer Pokemon under -c CP Flag
-w Use walking speed to enable egg hatching, slows the bot down to not exceed roughly 2 m/s Flag
-x Enables debug mode Flag
--pokemon The family name (like EEVEE) to target for a specific mode or operation PokemonId None



# With no default username or password
java -jar pgojbot.jar -lat "45.518502" -lng "-122.682156" -l PTC -u "username" -p "password"
# With a default username and password in the properties file
java -jar pgojbot.jar -lat "45.518502" -lng "-122.682156"
# Wandering with Google Login
java -jar pgojbot.jar -lat "45.518502" -lng "-122.682156" -l GOOGLE

Advanced Wandering

# Walking speed, auto transfer, evolve, and fight in debug mode
java -jar pgojbot.jar -lat "45.518502" -lng "-122.682156" -x -w -e -f -t


# Sniping an Eevee with default login options and origin set in properties file    
java -jar pgojbot.jar -snipe -dest-lat "45.474577292898935" -dest-lng "-122.64651775360109" -pokemon "EEVEE"

Configuration / Performance Tips

Travel Speed / Walking Speed

The faster the bot travels, the faster the bot can earn XP. However, the faster you travel the more likely your bot is to run into a ban of some sort. If the bot travels too fast it can't tally up the distance needed to hatch eggs. Using the -w flag forces the bot to keep it at a walking speed as much as possible.

Using the properties file

If you intend to just run a single account you should really just fill out all the fields in the pokebot.propertiesfile to save the keystrokes.