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gftp 2.9.1b
FTP protocol:
- fixed a critical segfault that may happen all the time!
- fixed regressions
- fixed compatiblity with some broken servers
gftp 2.9.0b
The project is now under the MIT license
FTP protocol:
- FTPS: support implicit TLS (new protocol: FTPSi)
- support MLSD
- fixed IPv6 support
- new option 'ip_version' (any/ipv4/ipv6) [default=any]
- fully implement rfc2428 (EPSV, EPRT)
- automatically determine when to use PRET
- (these features are only used if the server
explicitly supports them through the FEAT response)
- fix crash with file transfers in active mode
- new option: gFTP->Preferences->Network -> IP Protocol
gFTP 2.8.0b
- Fixed some important crashes - increases app stability
- Support compiling with OpenSSL 1.1 (FTPS)
- restore FSP support
- FTP: Removed the 'dont_use_proxy' stuff (broken)
- FTP: LIST -a is disabled by default (go to gFTP->Preferences)
- FTP: Add option to enable/disable proxy (disabled by default)
- GTK UI: Tweaks, adjustments
- GTK UI: Ctrl+Alt+C: toggle colored text in log window (disabled by default)
also see menu `gFTP->Colored messages`...
See the git log for more details
gFTP 2.7.1b
- Some minor tweaks and improvements to the GTK UI (speciallly the bookmarks dialog)
- Improve/speed up the autotools build system a bit
- SSH2: detect if the server sends (yes/no/[fingerprint])
See the git log for more details
gFTP 2.7.0b
- SSH2: recognize more ssh server responses
- GTK UI: fixes / tweaks
- Some minor cleanups
- Ongoing effort to add GTK3 support
- Support GTK 2.14+
- Translations desperately getting out of date
Changes since 2.6.0b
5472qaywsx (1):
Line breaks broke some titles -> put title on the same line
Andreas Rönnquist (3):
Remove encoding key, not needed any longer
Add Keywords entry to desktop file
Fix building on Hurd
Steven Edwards (11):
fixes / hacks for macOS (tested on 10.15.5 (19F101))
lib: Remove superfluous (since glib 2.32) calls to g_thread_supported
gftp-gtk.c: Only call gtk_window_set_policy on gtk2 builds
src: Remove remaining superfluous (since glib 2.32) calls to g_thread_supported for the text only client
options_dialog.c: replace GTK_CAN_DEFAULT with gtk_widget_set_can_default (w, TRUE)
gtkui.c: replace `w->window` with `gtk_widget_get_window(w)`
src/gtk: gftp-gtk.h/gtkcompat.h remove redundant inclusion of <gtk/gtk.> Add gdkkeysysms-compat.h fix suggested by wdlkmpx
options_dialog.c gtk_dialog_set_has_separator was disabled by default in gtk2.22 and removed in gtk3
gftp-gtk.c: CreateConnectToolbar: avoid GtkHandleBox in GKT3 (#88)
src/gtk: Replace calls of gtk_window_set_wmclass to gtk_window_set_role (#89)
.gitignore - Ignore the DS_Store files the macOS likes to leave around
wdlkmpx (82):
src/gtk: Avoid GtkToggleButton->active cleanup
docs/gftp.desktop: update
merge ChangeLog-old into ChangeLog
delete_dialog.c: use listbox_num_selected() and avoid `askdel()`
delete_dialog.c: remove unused askdel()
delete_dialog.c: merge `_gftp_gtk_free_del_data()` into `yesCB()`
delete_dialog.c: merge `yesCB` into `do_delete_dialog()`
remove delete_dialog.c (move code to menu-items.c)
chmod_dialog.c: gtk_widget_show_all (dialog);
menu-items.c: merge `dosavelog()` into `savelog()`
src/gtk: replace `dialog->vbox` with `gtk_dialog_get_content_area(dialog)`
gtkui_transfer.c: increase width / more GtkTreeViewColumn properties
listbox.c: "size" column: fix right alignment
gtkui_transfer.c: `from` / `to` columns: right alignment (size)
listbox.c: fix some comments..
src/gtk: glist_to_combobox()
gtkui_transfer.c: gtk_widget_show_all (dialog)
gtkui_transfer.c: pass gtkTreeView to un/select_all() callbacks
gtkui_transfer.c: properly name/define/identify gtk callback functions
gtkui_transfer.c: *cancel transfers if response != GTK_RESPONSE_OK
gtkui_transfer.c: merge `gftpui_gtk_ok()` into `on_gtk_dialog_response_transferdlg()`
chmod_dialog.c: properly name/define/identify gtk callback functions
chmod_dialog.c: add padding to frames
src/gtk: add gtkcompat.c / gtkcompat.h
listbox.c: store pointer to gftp_file in a "hidden" column
gtkui_transfer.c: store pointer to gftp_file in a "hidden" column
listbox.c: remove unused `find_gftp_file_by_name()`
GtkTreeView Part3: replace GtkCTree in Bookmarks dialog (bookmarks.c)
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: fix mixed indentation (tabs + spaces)
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: use g_object_new() to create treeview columns..
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: on_gtk_dialog_response_BookmarkDlg callback
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: rename "bm_dialog" to "edit_bm_entry_dlg"
src/gtk: remove unused code
src/gtk/transfer.c: fix mixed space/tab indentation
src/gtk: Bookmarks Dlg: improve dlg menu, avoid GtkUIManager
src/gtk: use "gtk-xx" instead of GTK_STOCK_*
src/gtk: gtkcompat: updates / reduce gtk3 warnings
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: logic to enable/disable "edit","delete" menu items
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: shrink code a bit
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: bookmark to GtkTreeModel (and vice versa)
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: (dlg) look for bookmark entry in GtkTreeModel
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: simplify btree_add_node()
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: merge copy_bm_entry() into btree_add_node()
gftp-gtk.c: don't use GtkTable in main window
gftp-gtk.c: avoid widget->allocation.*
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: gtk_widget_show_all (edit_bm_entry_dlg);
view_dialog.c: don't use GtkTable
chmod_dialog.c: tweaks / add comments
menu-items.c: create GtkAboutDialog with g_object_new()
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: improve build_bookmarks_menu()
src/gtk/transfer.c: hack for glibc < 2.7
support gtk >= 2.14 / glib >= 2.18
src/gtk: (gtkcompat) use gtk_widget_set_halign/valign
src/gtk: gtkcompat: gtk_widget_set_margin_*
remove docs/rfcs `verbose` param
chmod_dialog.c: tweaks / use arrays
chmod_dialog.c: use gtk_dialog_new() and gtk_dialog_add_button()
listbox_select_all_files(): iterate through treeview items
gtkui_transfer.c: simplify logic to get selected transfers
listbox.c: simplify logic to get selected files
listbox_get_selected_file1: iterate / don't use a callback function..
lib/misc.c: consistent indentation
lib/misc.c: remove unused function get_next_selection()
misc-gtk.c: consistent indentation
src/gtk: remove listbox_get_selected_file1()
listbox.c: intptr_t colwidth;
lib/sshv2.c: SSH_FX_NO_SUCH_PATH:
lib/sshv2.c: show description for SSH_FXP_RENAME
lib/sshv2.c: ssh_response_str[]
lib/sshv2.c: log server response > 1 as errors
update gtkcompat (2020-10-11)
src/gtk: use GIOChannel instead of GdkInput
options_dialog.c: "Local hosts": tweaks
src/gtk: options_dialog_localhosts.c
translate src/gtk/listbox.c
GtkTreeView Part4: replace GtkCList in "Local Hosts" tab
update po/gftp.pot
gFTP 2.6.0b
- removed GTK1 support
- removed HTTP support (broken)
- removed FSP support
- various bug fixes, cleanups and improvements
- requires gtk 2.24 / glib 2.32+
- ongoing effort to add GTK3 support
- about a dozen language translations were updated
Changes since version 2.0.19 (git shortlog --no-merges 2.0.19..HEAD)
A S Alam (1):
Updating Punjabi Translaiton for Punjabi (Gurmukhi)
Adi Roiban (1):
Update Romanian translation
Amitakhya Phukan (2):
Corrected errors in as.po Added as to LINGUAS and adding Assamese translations.
Updating Assamese translations.
Andrej Žnidaršič (2):
Updated Slovenian translation
Updated Slovenian translation
Antón Méixome (1):
Updated Galician Translation
Aron Xu (2):
Upated Simplified Chinese translation.
Update Simplified Chinese translation.
Balázs Úr (1):
Updated Hungarian translation
Baris Cicek (1):
Updated Turkish translation
Brian Masney (13):
docs/website/ docs/website/
Updated Polish translation from Robert <>
Revert "Updated Polish translation from Robert <>"
added .gitignore
added for github
Allow using more recent versions of automake to generate the configure script. Also adds experimental support for building against GTK+ 3.0. Patch from Steven Edwards <>.
fixed compiling on some versions of Linux. Patch picked up from the Fedora Project at
fixed broken bookmarks. Patch picked up from the Fedora Project at
removed unused variable
use %j printf formatter to fix compiler warnings related to off_t types
add error handling from Zhouyang. Closes
include sys/sysmacros.h to silence the warning
remove cvsclean script
Carles Ferrando (1):
Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation
Claudio Arseni (2):
[l10n] Updated Italian translation
[l10n] Updated Italian translation.
Cédric Valmary (1):
Updated Occitan translation
Daniel Mustieles (4):
Updated Spanish translation
Fixed bug #509934
Updated Spanish translation
Updated FSF's address
Gabor Kelemen (1):
Updated Hungarian translation
Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (2):
Added Basque language
Added Basque language
Jim Mason (1):
Tls data channel patch (#13)
Krishnababu Krothapalli (3):
added telugu [te] entry
Updated Changelog entry
Updated Telugu Translation
Kristjan SCHMIDT (1):
Add Esperanto translation
Luca Ferretti (1):
Updated by Ubuntu Italian translation team.
Manoj Kumar Giri (5):
Added or into the List
Updated Oriya Translation
Updated Oriya Translation
Updated Oriya Translation
Updated Oriya Translation
Marek Černocký (1):
Updated Czech translation
Mario Blättermann (2):
Updated German translation
Updated German translation
Matej Urbančič (2):
Added sl for Slovenian language
Added Slovenian translation
Muhammet Kara (1):
Updated Turkish translation
OKANO Takayoshi (1):
Updated Japanese translation
Olav Vitters (1):
Add DOAP file
Piotr Drąg (2):
Updated Polish translation
doap: update URLs
Rajesh Ranjan (4):
Updated Hindi Translations
hindi update
hindi update
hindi update
Rudolfs Mazurs (1):
Updated Latvian translation.
Runa Bhattacharjee (6):
Added Bengali India Translations
Added Bengali India (bn_IN) to the list of languages
Updated Bengali India Translations
Updated Bengali India Translations
Updated Bengali India Translations
Updated Bengali India Translations
Samir Ribic (1):
Added Bosnian translation
Sandeep Shedmake (3):
Added 'mr' locale
Added Marathi Translations and appended 'mr' locale to LINGUAS
Added Marathi Translations
Shankar Prasad (7):
Added kn to LINGUAS and kn.po
Updated Kannada translations
Updated Kannada translations
Updated Kannada translations
Updated Kannada translation
Updated Kannada translation
Updated Kannada translation
Simos Xenitellis (3):
Updated Greek translation by Marios Zintilis
Updated Greek translation (filespec)
Updated Greek translation (filespec, rest of instances)
Steven Edwards (19):
Removed the old cvsid tags since they are not used anymore.
Cleaned up three more warnings.
Add support for isolated platform specific cases and add a macOS foregrounding hack to aid in debugging
Remove usage of all deprecated glib thread functions. With this change gftp will now offically require at least GLib 2.32
Removal gtk1 support
Remove gtk1x support
Remove gtk1x support
Remove gtk1x support
Remove gtk1x support
Remove gtk1x support
Remove gtk1x support
Remove gtk1x support
Remove legacy gtk1x support
Explicity require glib 2.32 or higher from now on
Rename some of the icon graphics functions to be a little more generic Modify the toolbar image loading functions to use the gtk_image api (This has the benefit of allowing us to load either a *.xpm or *.png)
Add small padding to transfer and message windows to enhance the UI a bit.
gtk_image_new_from_stock and GTK_STOCK_SORT_* are deprecated in newer versions of GTK. replace with gtk_image_new_from_icon_name() and new icon names to remain forward compatible with gtk 3.10+
gtk_image_new_from_stock and GTK_STOCK_SORT_* are deprecated in newer versions of GTK. replace with gtk_image_new_from_icon_name() and new icon names to remain forward compatible with gtk 3.10+
- Move the gthreads (there is no need to check for it on gtk3 systems) - Replace the Tooltips API calls wth the Tooltip API introduced in gtk 2.12 (This is forward compatible with gtk3)
Sweta Kothari (2):
Committed Translation by Sweta Kothari
Updated Gujarati Translations
Takayuki KUSANO (1):
Updated Japanese translation
Wadim Dziedzic (1):
Updated Polish translation by Piotr Drąg
bluebat (1):
Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)
fangq (2):
allow Ctrl+V for paste, fix duplicated Ctrl+P shortcuts
put Date before User and Group is more intuitive
ifelix (1):
Updated Tamil Translations
wdlkmpx (101):
gtkui: don't rename file if target file already exists (#16)
fix duplicated Ctrl+D shortcut (Bug#577505) (#17)
Alt+Up short cut for moving to the parent dir (#19)
fix spelling error for Permissions (#20)
port number field can only fit two digits, need more, Bug#570149 (#21)
fsplib: update to v14.0 [2019-08-16] (#24)
remove glib1/gtk1 stuff (#26) enabling gtk3 automatically disables gtk2 (#23)
use standard gtk 'about' dialog (#27)
local folder: open default filemanager when clicking on View... (#18)
replace gtk_timeout with g_timeout (#29)
update build system (#28) -gtk30 = -gtk3 (--enable-gtk3) etc (#30)
apply PRET patch submitted by Chris Droshalla for better handling of distributed sites (#31)
gtkui: (window icon: use GdkPixbuf instead of GdkPixmap) (#32)
ssh2 [sftp]: do not disconnect on trivial errors (#33)
remove FSP support (#35)
G_HAVE_GINT64 is always defined (and deprecated) (#37)
enforce getaddrinfo() [and remove gethostbyname() stuff] (#38)
gtkui: show file count and total size [local & remote] (#34)
remove mkstemps.c (#39)
GtkComboBox Part 1: options_dialog.c (replace GtkCombo)
GtkComboBox Part 2: main window (replace GtkCombo)
GtkComboBox Part 3: fix toolbar [ remove toolbar_image() ]
delete connect.xpm & disconnect.xpm (no longer used)..
merge socket-connect-getaddrinfo.c into socket-connect.c
gtkui: make list info more readable..
gtkui filelist: format date (YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss) remove AC_TYPE_SIGNAL
gtkui: 'main_window' variable
GtkFileChooser 1: replace GtkFileSelection (save dir listing)
menu-items.c: merge dosave_directory_listing() into save_directory_listing()
GtkFileChooser 2: replace GtkFileSelection (save log)
GtkUIManager Part 1: "Edit Bookmarks" menubar
GtkUIManager Part 2: "Edit Bookmarks" popup menu
GtkUIManager Part 3: main window menubar
GtkUIManager Part 4: Local & Remote popup menus
GtkUIManager Part 5: Transfer popup menu
GtkUIManager Part 6: bookmarks.c: rename *ifactory -> *b_uimanager
GtkUIManager Part 7: clean up / remove unneeded functions
GtkUIManager Part 8: make set_menu_sensitive() work with gtkUIManager
GtkUIManager Part 9: action names must not contain "/"
GtkUIManager Part 10: disable "remote" actions if not connected to "remote" host
GtkUIManager Part 11: (GtkRadioActionEntry) Window1/Window2 Ascii/Binary
GtkUIManager Part 12: build_bookmarks_menu()
GtkUIManager Part 13: add_bookmark() bm_apply_changes()
GtkComboBox Part 4: replace GtkOptionMenu (bookmark properties)
GtkComboBox Part 5: replace GtkOptionMenu (toolbar protocol) remove some obsolete or unneded checks
update bookmarks
remove HTTP support (closes #36)
gtkui: ('user' combo: handle key press events from text entry)
gtkui protocol combo (change): set default_protocol
replace gtk_signal by g_signal
gtkui: center about_dlg
gtkui: get_image_path(): simplify / print missing icon to stderr..
get_image_path(): fix typo in path1..
[glib 2.32] don't check for gthread / don't call g_thread_init() add --enable-gtk-warnings
misc-gtk.c: improve MakeYesNoDialog()
misc-gtk.c: improve MakeEditDialog()
GtkProgressBar: replace/remove deprecated functions
gtk: replace some deprecated functions
add gftp_get_pixbuf() and pixbuf_hash_table
GtkTreeView Part1: replace GtkCList ["listbox"]
GtkTreeView part2: replace GtkCList in "Transfer Files" dialog
lib/sshv2.c: fix for large file sizes
remove docs/figures/
remove docs/gftp.lsm
remove docs/gftp-faq.sgml (install ../README instead)
install COPYING THANKS USERS-GUIDE to ${docdir}
remove docs/sample.gftp/COPYING
update README a bit
delete /docs/website
gftpui.c: show only gftp version & url in log window
sshv2.c: *don't translate required english strings to start login sequence
update AUTHORS (delete THANKS)
remove MAINTAINERS file
remove docs/
update po/
add po/gftp.pot
add 'zrelease' script
merge README into
options.h: don't translate "FTP", "FTPS" & "SSH2"
remove docs/rfcs/rfc2068.txt (html rfc) 1997
docs/sample.gftp/ one line per file
create icons/ dir (and install .png/.svg icons to icon theme)
GTK UI: use gftp.png from icon theme..
remove docs/sample.gftp/gftp.xpm
remove unused pixmaps
docs/sample.gftp/ $(files)
remove debian/ dir
update docs/gftp.1
remove docs/legal.xml
update TODO
update docs/USERS-GUIDE a bit fix po/
sshv2.c: use `-o StrictHostKeyChecking=ask` if `ssh_extra_params` is empty
update po/gftp.pot
docs/ install ChangeLog to ${docdir}
clear ChangeLog
Changes from 2.0.18 to 2.0.19
* Cleanups to the networking code
* Fixed several segfaults.
* Several i18n fixes
* Added support for wildcard SSL certificates
* Fixes for downloading files using SFTP where the user doesn't have write
access to the file.
* Disable some features of the remote FTP server is a VMS server or OS/400
* Fixed Solaris compile problem and pty issue under HPUX
* Updated to use FSPLIB 0.9
* Added Tango styled icon theme
* The menus are now a little closer to other GNOME applications
* New/updated language translations: ar bg ca cs da de dz el en_CA en_GB el es
fi fr gl gu he hu it ja ko lt lv mk nb ne nl no oc pt_BR pt_po ro ru rw sv
uk zh_HK zh_TW
Changes from 2.0.18rc1 to 2.0.18
* Added support for the FSP protocol (
* SSH2: Fixed segfault that could occur when renaming a file (bug introduced
in 2.0.18rc1)
* SSH2: Fixes for parsing the directory listing from the commercial SSH server
* FTP: added pasv_behind_router option. If this is enabled, then the IP
address that is in the PASV response will be ignored. Instead the IP
address of the remote host will be used
* FTP: removed the quote filename functionality in the SITE CHMOD and
SITE UTIME commands
* Chmod: Fixes for setting the group execute bit (bug introduced in 2.0.18rc1)
* Fixes so that the text port will prompt you for your password when a URL is
entered on the command line
* In the text port, convert the string from UTF8 to the users' current locale
before it is displayed
* Fixes for when the host system does not have getaddrinfo() (bug introduced in
* Rewrote and improved the URL parser so that the :, @ characters are allowed
in directories and passwords
* Security Fix: Ignore the file paths that are returned by the remote server
(fixes CAN-2005-0372)
* FreeBSD and HP/UX fixes
* GNOME HIG fixes
* Many other small changes and improvements. See the ChangeLog file in the
distribution for a detailed list of changes.
* Updated language translations (cs de en_CA en_GB es hu nl zh_CN)
Changes from 2.0.17 to 2.0.18rc1
* SSH2: Improved the login code. You no longer need to specify in gFTP the
path to the sftp-server binary on the remote server. It will now just work
out of the box for most sites. Also, if the SSH binary is asking a
question, this question will be relayed back through the gFTP user interface
so the user can answer it appropriately.
* SSH2: Added support for RSA SecurID passwords
* FTP, SSH2: Added support for preserving the file date/time
* FTP: Fixed IPv6 connection problem
* More 64 bit cleanups
* More largefile fixes
* Fixed detection of SIGCHLD signal when viewing/editing files
* Added remote_lc_time option. The value of LC_TIME can now be overridden on
a per site basis. This will fix problems parsing the dates in the remote
directory listings
* Some more GNOME HIG fixes
* Fixed several segfaults in the bookmarks editor
* Save the state of the host, user and port fields in the toolbar
* Fixed compiler errors on OpenBSD and HPUX
* Many other small changes and improvements. See the ChangeLog file in the
distribution for a detailed list of changes.
* New language translations and updates (bg cs en_CA en_GB es fi he hu ja nl pa
pt_BR ru sq)
Changes from 2.0.16 to 2.0.17
* Separated out more of the UI independent code in the GTK+ and Text ports and
created a user interface common repository. Cleaned up some of the existing
GTK+ code. The GTK+ port can now be controlled from a command line interface
in the GUI. There is an option you have to enable in the options dialog for
this. (enable manual commands in GUI)
* Added support for the FTPS protocol. The control connection is the only
one encrypted at the moment.
* When viewing/editing a file, the temporary file that is created is created
with the same extension as the remote file so that syntax highlighting works
* File transfers can be resumed/skipped/overwritten in the text port and
whenever files are dropped on gftp in the GTK+ port.
* FTP: Added support for MVS directory listings
* FTP: Fix for FXP transfers
* SSH2: fix for resuming uploads
* Added option to show the transfer status in the title bar.
* Added option to disable IPV6 support.
* Fixed the wrong date being displayed when a file was modified last year
* 64 bit cleanups. This also fixed a SSH segfault that was happening on
* Look for the .gmo translation files in the proper directory
* If a bookmarked site has it's password saved in the config file, then the
passwords are written out in a scrambled format. This isn't secure, but it'll
prevent someone from casually looking over your shoulder and seeing your
password. I still do not recommend saving your passwords to disk.
* Fix for systems that do not support the %'ld format argument
* The startup directory option is now expanded so that an option like
~/src can be specified
* New language translations and updates (ca cs de ga hr hu nl pt_BR sr sr@Latn
ta th)
* Many other small changes and improvements. See the ChangeLog file in the
distribution for a detailed list of changes.
Changes from 2.0.15 to 2.0.16
* Fixed bug where the local directory listing was not updated when
connecting to a bookmarked site.
* Fix for Novell directory paths (//share/directory)
* Local: If there is a dangling symlink in the local directory, not all of
the files were being shown.
* FTP: Fixed rename bug
* FTP: Fixed editing the FTP proxy config in the FTP port.
* FTP: Better error checking when establishing the data connection.
* FTP: File transfers are aborted correctly. You will not lose your connection
to the remote server.
* FTP: Ascii file transfers fix.
* HTTP: Fixed parsing some chunked file transfers.
* SSH: Fixed crash when deleting subdirectories.
* When editing remote files, and if the current directory is changed on the
remote server, make sure the file is still uploaded to the proper location.
* When editing a remote file, if the connection to the remote server times out,
immediately reconnect when the file is uploaded.
* DND cleanups
* If the source is compiled with -D_GNU_SOURCE, then use the current style
for the current locale to separate numbers.
* In some cases, if the remote_charset is defined for the remote host, convert
the current string from UTF8 to the users remote character set.
* Fixed Cray directory directory listings. Also, some UNIX directory listings
that had files with multiple spaces were being mistaken for Cray directory
* The README/FAQ is now stored in Docbook format.
* New language translations and updates (az bn el es hr it ja nl no pt ro sk sr)
* Many other small changes and improvements. See the ChangeLog file in the
distribution for a detailed list of changes.
Changes from 2.0.15rc2 to 2.0.15
* FTP: Fixes for selecting ASCII/Binary transfers
* Fixed crash when deleting files in the GTK+ port
* Fixed parsing directory listings that have timestamps that are not in the
current locale.
* More largefile support fixes.
* Updated translations (cs, pl, sr, sr@Latn, sv)
Changes from 2.0.15rc1 to 2.0.15rc2
* Largefile (>2.1GB) fixes.
* When resuming files, look up the right option name. gFTP would bail out
whenever it couldn't look up the right option.
* Fixes to the permissions of files when they are first transfered. New files
are created with the mode 0644 & ~umask.
* Change to the proper local directory when one was enabled with a bookmark.
* Fixed crash that would occur in the options dialog when you hit Apply, then
* Fixed possible division by 0 when transfering a file.
* Fixed double free of a gftp_file structure member (utf8_file). This was not
present in 2.0.14.
* FreeBSD PTY and password prompt fixes.
* Detect write errors properly.
* Added --info argument to the command line. This will give some information
about how gFTP was compiled.
Changes from 2.0.14 to 2.0.15rc1
* I18N improvements in GTK+ 2.0 port. If the remote server is not returning
output in UTF8, it will first attempt to convert it from the local character
set and if that fails it will try the character sets listed in the
remote_charsets option.
* Added an improved internal configuration interface. You can now override just
about any option in the bookmarks dialog for a particular site.
* Each protocol that gFTP supports is now completely self contained in it's own
file. So, if gFTP doesn't support your favorite protocol, it should be pretty
easy to add support
* When you attempt to connect to a site and there is a fatal error, gFTP will
abort properly and no longer keep trying to log back into the server.
* Fixes for transferring files greater than 2.1GB.
* Improved throttling of file transfers.
* Added support to expire cache entries after a particular period of time.
* FTP: Added IPV6 support. gFTP is almost 100% IPV6 compatible. If you are not
using a proxy server, you will not run into any issues. The list of local
networks to not use the proxy server is still currently IPV4 only.
* FTP: Added ability to parse VMS directory listings.
* FTP: The firewall_* options were renamed to ftp_proxy_* for better
consistency with the other protocols.
* SSH2: More informative error messages when the initial connection to the
remote server fails. You should hopefully not see those "Messages size too
big" error messages anymore.
* SSH2: Improved the PTY interface.
* Removed legacy SSH protocol. THe SSH2 protocol is now the only SSH protocol
supported. You had to enable an option in 2.0.14 to be able to use this
* HTTP: Lots of improvements to this protocol.
* Added support for the HTTPS protocol. I added a generic SSL layer to the code
so that other SSL protocols can be easily added.
* The bookmarks and configuration file is now only written if something changed
during this session.
* Build fixes for various platforms
* Lots of cleanups and improvements to the core library. Also lots of bug fixes
throughout the code.
* New language translations and updates (am ar ca cs es fr hu ja mk ms nl pl
pt pt_BR ru sr sr@Latn sv tr uk zh_TW). Thanks to everybody that has
contributed language updates!
Changes from 2.0.14rc1 to 2.0.14
* Added key bindings to edit dialogs
* Don't ask for SSH password in bookmarks if it's disabled in the config file
* Binary/Ascii fixes for ext= lines in the config file
* SSH - if the word WARNING appears in the banner, don't log into the server
* Updated translations: French, German, Polish and Simplified Chinese
Changes from 2.0.13 to 2.0.14rc1
* GTK+ 2.0 improvements - i18n fixes, uses more stock icons
* SSHV2 fixes (timeout fixes, improved login)
* Small cleanups to the rest of the supported protocols
* Improved directory sorting performance
* Added save directory listing
* Large file support
* When canceling transfers, you most likely won't be disconnected from the
remote site
* DND improvements
* Fixed several small bugs
* Added/updated translations: Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, French, German,
Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish,
Traditional Chinese
Changes from 2.0.12 to 2.0.13
* Added bookmark protocol. You can now connect to a bookmarked site via the
command line by running: gftp "bookmark://Debian Sites/Debian"
* Several improvements to the text port
* GTK+ 2.0 fixes
* Added ability to parse Cray FTP directory listings
* Fixed crash that would occur if you tried to download a file you didn't have
permission to
* Fixed crash in view/edit file if the transfer was appended onto an existing
* Fixed bug with current KB/s being wrong if the transfer was interrupted
* Fixed bug when a file was dropped to gftp, the file size wasn't shown
* Fixed crash in bookmarks editor if you tried to save a folder entry
* Disabled older SSH protocol, now only the SSH2 protocol is shown. If you
require the older protocol, edit your ~/.gftp/gftprc file and set
enable_old_ssh to 1
* Removed confirm delete, preserve permissions, save geometry and use cache
options. These are always enabled now
* Removed logfile option. This always defaults to ~/.gftp/gftp.log now
* Removed bring up reconnect dialog option. This wasn't even used anywhere
* Removed read_timeout and connect_timeout. Made a new option network timeout
* Allow a URL to be pasted in the host box on the toolbar
* Don't preserve the setuid or setgid attributes for a transfered file (if set)
* HTTP updates (from John Franks <>)
* Updates to USERS-GUIDE (from Steve Stites <>)
* Fixed encodings for several po files (from Owen Taylor <>)
* Polish updates (from pbs <>)
* Russian updates (from Valek Filippov <>)
* Bulgarian updates (from Borislav Aleksandrov <> and
Yanko Kaneti <>)
* Dutch updates (from Myckel Habets <>) *CORRECTED*
* French updates (from Jerome COUDERC <>)
* Polish updates (from Arkadiusz Lipiec <>)
* German updates (from Bernd Leibing <>)
Changes from 2.0.11 to 2.0.12
* Fixed several memory leaks
* HTTP proxy fixups
* Fixed bug with throttling of connections not working in some cases
* Fixed wrong time remaining for interrupted transfers
* Added option to only show selected files
* Cleanups to cache
* Fixed crash in view file
* Fixed crash in toolbar
* Updates to Compare Windows feature
* Fixed SSH/SSH2 connection problem on IRIX
* Password is no longer shown in the log window for HTTP protocol
* Added Bulgarian translation (from Borislav Aleksandrov <>)
* Norwegian updates (from Anders Henriksen <>)
Changes from 2.0.10 to 2.0.11
* Fixed delete crash
* Fixed problem with SSHV2 not showing directories with more than 100 files
* Fixed several memory leaks
* Enabled cache for SSH/SSH2
* Fixed stalled SSH transfers (~ escape sequences)
* Spanish updates (from Gustavo D. Vranjes <>)
* Small German translation fixes (from Bernd Leibing <> and Reinhold Trocker <>)
* Updated deb.xpm (from Robert Millan <>)
Changes from 2.0.9 to 2.0.10
* Added option to SSH/SSH2 to not require a username/password
* Added option to SSH2 to where it can log in using the SFTP subsys
* Added option to SSH/SSH2 to use the ssh-askpass utility to grab the users
* Fixed bug in SSH2 login failure if the user specified a port
* Fixed bug in SSH2 connections that wouldn't set default remote directory
* Fixed crash in SSH2 transfers after some file transfers
* Fixed bug in options dialog with FTP proxy config not saving properly
* Fixed bug where you could add a bookmark with two or more /'s in a row
* Fixed problem with est. time remaining and KB/s being wrong if you resumed
a file transfer
* Added icon to gftp window (can be seen in gnome task panel applet or when
cycling through windows)
* Various fixes to stop button
* Upgraded included gettext to 0.10.40
* Chinese zh_CN.GB2312 updates (from
* French updates (from Jerome COUDERC <>)
* Spanish updates (from Gustavo D. Vranjes <>)
* Norwegian updates (from Anders Henriksen <>)
Changes from 2.0.9pre3 to 2.0.9
* Improved login sequence for both SSH implementations
* Remove *'s and /'s after some files when connecting to a remote server
running the commercial SSH2 server
* Fixed delete bug I introduced in 2.0.9pre3
* Added Perl script to copy your ~/.netrc file into gftp's bookmark file
* Made text port so that it'll always resume the file transfer
* Japanese updates (from Yasuyuki Furukawa <>)
* Danish updates (from Birger Langkjer <>)
* Korean updates (from Nam SungHyun <>)
* Turkish updates (from Gorkem Cetin <>)
* Spanish updates (from Gustavo D. Vranjes <>)
* Added Norwegian translation (from Anders Henriksen <>)
Changes from 2.0.9pre2 to 2.0.9pre3
* Added option to specify default protocol
* Fixed bug in stopping of file transfers
* Fixed bug in text port KB/s being wrong
* Fixed bug with time being wrong for daylight savings time
* Made it so you couldn't delete . or ..
* Fixed crash in SSHV2 transfers
* Trim whitespace when parsing URLs
* Fixed estimated time left being wrong when transferring lots of small
* Set window class for all dialogs (from Andy Piper <>)
* Spanish updates (from Gustavo D. Vranjes <>)
Changes from 2.0.9pre1 to 2.0.9pre2
* Fixed bug in double clicking not working in file listbox in gtk+ 1.2 port
Changes from 2.0.8 to 2.0.9pre1
* Added support for sshv2 file transfers
* Added support for gtk+ >= 1.3.8 (add --enable-gtk20 to configure)
* Added option whether to add new file transfers onto existing ones or new ones
* Added option to limit the size of the log window for better performance
* Added option to be able to specify additional arguments to ssh
* Added options to change color of log messages in gtk+ port (not
changeable in GUI yet)
* Cleaned up options dialog
* Fixed preserving file permissions on transfered files
* Fixed crash on Solaris (probably on others as well) that would occur after a
finished file transfer
* Added readline support to text port
* Fixed build problems on FreeBSD
* Updated Spanish translation
* Other small bug fixes
Changes from 2.0.8pre4 to 2.0.8
* Fixed progress update bug when downloading files
* Other small bug fixes
* Updated French and Czech translation
Changes from 2.0.8pre3 to 2.0.8pre4
* Fixed bug with gftp sometimes "freezing" up when you would have it do
several things at once
* Moved the displaying of the KB/s from the current KB/s back to the average
KB/s for the file transfer
* Fixed bug with current file numbers not being updated
* Fixed bug where gftp would reconnect to a site after a file upload
* Fixed bug where the cache wasn't being updated when you refreshed a
directory listing
* Fixed bug where you couldn't select overwrite, resume or skip when transfering
files that already existed
* Made it so that the text port doesn't require the XPM files to be present
when the config file is read
* Renamed gtk12 port from gftp-gtk12 to gftp-gtk. I'll work gtk+ 2.0 port in
the same source with #ifdefs
* Other small bug fixes
* Added Turkish translation
Changes from 2.0.8pre2 to 2.0.8pre3
* Fixed some downloading/uploading problems and also fixed some reconnecting
* Fixed bug so that you can do other stuff while a file transfer is in progress
* Fixed crash that would occur if you would enter a blank host in the toolbar
* Fixed compile problem on Solaris 7
* Drag and Drop fixups
* Quite a few other small bug fixes
* Updated French and Russian translation
Changes from 2.0.8pre1 to 2.0.8pre2
* Fixed crash in bookmarks
* Added some more bookmarks
* Fixed crash with viewing files
* Fixed compile problem with operating systems that don't have getaddrinfo(3)
* Fixed bug with dragging a local file
* Fixed bug with file transfer timeout
* Removed unused variables from some structures
* Added overwrite by default option
* Fixed bug with keypad delete only letting you deleting one file
* Fixed bug with command line params not being passed from the gftp shell
script to gftp-gtk12 and gftp-text
* Updated Korean translation
Changes from 2.0.7b to 2.0.8pre1
* Separated all UI related functions from the non-UI related functions. Now have
text port along with gtk+ 1.2 port
* Fixed format string security problem in logging of ftp and http responses
* Made chdir, rm, chmod, rename, etc all threaded operations. Now all network
operations done in gftp should be stopable from the gui interface
* Improved net core so it should detect better if the remote connection closed
* When you go to upload a file now via ftp, it'll no longer send a SIZE command
for each file. It can also now detect files that exist in subdirs and prompt
you about those as well
* Fixed file corruption when files were transfered via ascii mode
* Added recursive directory deletes
* Can now reorder files that are being transfered
* If a file transfer is already going to one host, when you select more files
to transfer they will automatically be appended to the current transfer in
progress instead of another transfer being made
* Added simplified Chinese and Italian translation
* Various other small bug fixes
Changes from 2.0.7a to 2.0.7b
* Fixed crash that would occur in the toolbar
* Fixed problem with display becoming frozen after file transfer is done until
an X event occured
* Fixed problem with bandwidth throttling not working
* Fixed problem with file transfers not timing out properly
Changes from 2.0.7 to 2.0.7a
* Fixed problem with resume/skip/overwrite no working
* Fixed crash that would occur when you would stop a transfer
* Fixed problem with wrong selection being returned when filespec was anything
other than *
* Updated Portuguese (pt_BR) and Russian (ru) translation
Changes from 2.0.6a to 2.0.7
* HTTP Protocol fixups. It now supports resuming file transfers, and has an
improved HTTP parsing engine
* Added support for transfering files via the SSH protocol. See the FAQ for
details about how to do this
* Added FXP support
* Added read and write timeouts on the file transfers. This will make gftp be
able to start file transfers again if you have an unstable internet
* Doesn't peg the CPU load when connecting or getting directory listings
* Fixed problem with reading from control connection on SunOS and Digital UNIX
* Configure script will now detect pthreads library properly on Digital UNIX
and FreeBSD
* Added Czech, Portuguese, and Russian translation
* Menu items now grey out on the local, remote and tools menus for the items
that are not valid
* Lots of new icons
* Finished internal code cleanup I started back in version 2.0.6
* Other small bug fixes and enhancements
Changes from 2.0.6 to 2.0.6a
* Fixed crash that would occur in the history of the hostname
* Fixed problem with if you would hit the stop button, it would keep trying
to connect to that old host even if you entered a new hostname
* Updated Polish and Danish translation
Changes from 2.0.5a to 2.0.6
* Redesigned the transfer window. Now, it is tree based, and you can see all
the individual files that are to be transfered. Displays more informative
information like estimated time remaining for the individual file, and
estimated time remaining for all the files in that group.
* Added Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and
Swedish translation
* Updated all translation files
* You can now log into a http proxy with a username and password.
* When resizing gFTP to much larger sizes, the toolbar resizes better
* If you have save geometry set, gFTP will remember the column widths of the
local and remote listboxes
* Added history to the hostname, port and username fields of the toolbar
* If you have preserve permissions set, then gFTP will save the date of the
downloaded files (it will also still save the file permissions as well too
like it used to)
* Now transfers the lists of subdirectories more efficiently
* Fixed crash that would occur when you would connect or delete files (only
reported on Sparc)
* Bookmarks are now stored in ~/.gftp/bookmarks. You can now associate a
local directory with a bookmark. (Note: gFTP will automagically convert
your bookmarks to the new format for you).
* Made protocols more modular. Added full support for http protocol. This
will now make it much easier to add support for more protocols in the near
future (like DAV support)
* Removed the Use proxy option under the FTP menu and in the bookmarks. You
can now set up what hosts are on your local network subnet
* Improved USERS-GUIDE
* Many other small enhancements and lots of code cleanup
Changes from 2.0.5 to 2.0.5a
* Fixed problem with gFTP forgetting your passwords
* When you drag a file from gFTP, it will not send the password over
* When you drop a file to gFTP, if there is no password, it will prompt you
for one
* Added Japanese and partian Korean translation and Unicode fixes
* Fixed French and German translations. I didn't mark some strings with N_(
and some strings got commented out
* Fixed file handle leak in transfer of files (yikes!)
Changes from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5
* Added gettext support. A French and German tranlsation is included with this
version. If you would like to do a translation of gFTP, please email me first
just to make sure someone else isn't already doing one.
* If you right click on the log window, or in the edit bookmarks dialog, it
will bring up a menu.
* Added bandwidth throttling
* Fixed problem with stopping file transfers
* Fixed problem with Use Proxy under the FTP menu not working properly with
a http proxy
* Fixed problem with some file transfers not completing properly
* Fixed problem with remote editing of files sometimes not working
* Added manpage, gftp(1)
* Makefiles are now generated by automake
* Other small bug fixes and enhancements
Changes from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4
* Removed all of the old ftp proxy code and added scripting to log into your
firewall. This makes it possible to log into ftp proxies not previously
* When transfering a file, if the remote site disconnects, gFTP can
automatically resume the transfer of the file where it last left off. The
maximum times that it will do this is the number you have your connect
retries set to.
* Fixed problem with auto-retry on connect.
* When downloading files, fixed problem with sometimes interpreting file
size wrong from ftp server.
* The return and delete keys now work again in the listboxes.
* Added option to send SITE command.
* Passwords can now not be saved in the config file. When you try to connect
to a bookmark that doesn't have a password set, it will prompt you to
enter a password
* When you add a new Bookmark, it will not save your password. If you want
your password to be stored in the config file automatically, you must go
to edit bookmarks, and edit that bookmark entry and add it there
* When you edit a remote file, it will now ask if you want to upload the new
file to the remote server
* If you right click on the local or remote listboxes, it will bring up a
menu with the items in the Local and Remote menu.
* Will now interpret UNIX and Mac style filenames that have spaces in them
* Fixed problem that if your view/edit program had arguments with it, the
program would not execute (ex: xterm -e vi)
* Changed behavior of the OpenURL button. Here is what will happen when you
click on the OpenURL button. If you are connected to a site, it will
disconnect from the site. If you aren't connected to a site, and you have
a hostname entered on the toolbar, it will connect to that host. Otherwise
it will bring up the OpenURL dialog
* Various other small bug fixes
Changes from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3
* Many bug fixes. I should have all known bugs fixed
* Now parses some NT, MacOS, and Novell ftp servers output
* Added support for logging in with the ACCOUNT command
* Added a users guide for newbies. See USERS-GUIDE
* You can now disable some columns in the local and remote listboxes in the
config file. You can also set the columns to auto-resizing
* Added debian/ directory to main distribution
Changes from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2
* Removed Use same connection option. Now when you download a file, the
remote window automagically becomes cached, and the file transfer will use
the same connection. It will only open a second connection when it has to.
* Added support to be able to drag urls from Netscape to the Open URL button
on the toolbar. Also cleaned up the drag and drop code.
* Added drop down history box on the local and remote directory entry widget
* HTTP Proxy fixups to make it work with squid-2.2.STABLE3. Please email me
about how this works/doesn't work with other http proxies.
* Added option to show hidden files
* Several bookmarks bug fixes
* Various other small bug fixes
* Added .spec file to main distribution
Changes from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1
* Main screen is now more responsive during downloads
* Various small bug fixes
Changes from 1.13 to 2.0.0
* Added toolbar with stop button
* Removed connection manager and added Bookmarks menu
* Added tree based bookmark editor
* Added option to preserve file permissions of transfered files
* Added option to use the same connection for downloads
* Added auto-retry option. If you set the number of retries to 0, it will
keep trying until you either stop it or it logs in
* Removed read() and write() timeouts
* Fixed problem only allowing you to log in on port 21
* Fixed problem with recursively getting remote directories and files
* HTTP proxy fixups
* Many other small bug fixes and enhancements
* Note to users upgrading from a previous version: there are a few config file
* If you are using a http proxy, set your use_proxy type in the config
file to type 100.
* Since gFTP uses a bookmarks menu now, you will have to change your
host= lines. A line in the old config file will have:
You will have to change it to something like:
host=Debian Sites/
The first column is the menu path. You can have
Menu/Submenu/Submenu/Debian in order to nest items into submenus.
Changes from 1.12 to 1.13
* Added graphical configuration
* Uses a lot less memory
* Separated all ftp code into gnome-ftp library
* Now prompts the user to reconnect on connect error
* Added much more efficient transfer dialog for when the files exist
* Added local and remote chmod support
* Added support for HTTP proxies
* Added another FTP proxy type
* Added support for EPLF directory listings
* Now uses a configure script to generate the makefile
* Added Save Password feature in the connection manager
* Added more keyboard shortcuts
* Various bug fixes
* Improved internal design
Changes from 1.11 to 1.12
* Added the ability to edit local and remote files
* Added the ability to associate with a file extension a file viewer and the
default download type (ASCII or BINARY).
* Added anti-idle tool. Please do not abuse this feature
* Better remote symlink handling
* Removed some icons from the distribution
* Added another FTP proxy type
* Several small enhancements
Changes from 1.1 to 1.11
* Fixed some problems connecting to some ftp servers
* Fixed resume transfer problems
* Fixed some ftp proxy login problems
* Fixed problems with gFTP sometimes crashing
Changes from 1.0 to 1.1
* Added FTP proxy server support
* Added ability to download entire directories and their subdirectories
* Added non-passive file transfers (using PORT command)
* Added ability to restrict files in the listboxes to a particular filemask
* Added geometry management. gFTP can automatically save the geometry of it's
widgets for next time you start it back up.
* Added more config file options. Most can be set within gFTP itself
* Several small dialog enhancements
* Fixed problems with connecting to Serv-U FTP Servers
* Fixed date sorting problem
* Fixed problem with gFTP trying to view some remote dirs when they were
double clicked
* Fixed problem with gFTP sometimes crashing after some file transfers
Changes from 0.21 to 1.0
* Drag-N-Drop support added
* Added caching of remote directory listings. The cache will automatically
be cleared when gFTP exits.
* You can now tell gFTP to only transfer one file at a time. When one
transfer finishes the next one starts. You can still have multiple
transfers going at the same time
* Added ability to view files. Also, when you double click on a file in the
listboxes it will view that file. If you double click a directory, it will
still change to it.
* Added Open URL menu item under the Remote menu
* Several connection manager enhancements
* Several bug fixes and code improvements
* Added a few more default sites to the config file
Changes from 0.2 to 0.21
* Added Compare Windows feature. It will select the files in both windows
* make install will now copy some necessary XPM and config files to
/usr/local/share/gftp. When a new user first runs gftp, it will copy the
config file from there to their home directory and add their email address
to the config file.
* Fixed some disconnect problems when the socket would close prematuraly
* Changed all occurances of snprintf, vsnprintf, and sys_errlist to
g_snprintf, g_vsnprintf, and g_strerror respectively. Should now compile
cleanly on most platforms.
* Fixed ItemFactory callbacks. Should now work fine on 64bit machines.
* Added a few more icons to the distribution for the file listboxes.
Changes from 0.1 to 0.2
* Completely rewritten in gtk instead of Motif
* Fixed problems with parsing of some directory listings
* Fixed problems with reading responses from certain FTP servers
* Supports connecting to a FTP server via command line parameters
You can now type: gftp user:pass@ftp-site:port/directory. You don't have
to specify all of the options, like user:pass, port and directory.
* More informative error messages
* Sorting capabilites in the listboxes
* Colorized text in the log window
* Allows saving the text in the log window to a file
* Added disconnect from ftp server
* Various code cleanups
* Removed about dialog box