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gFTP 2.7.0b (beta)
this is a beta release
let's hope it works ok
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wdlkmpx committed Nov 30, 2020
1 parent 617aaea commit 1310399
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@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Alessio Frusciante
Alexander Alexandrov Shopov
Amanpreet Singh Alam
Amitakhya Phukan
Andreas Rönnquist
Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel
Arangel Angov
Aron Xu
125 ChangeLog
@@ -1,5 +1,126 @@
gFTP version 2.6.0b
gFTP 2.7.0b

- SSH2: recognize more ssh server responses
- GTK UI: fixes / tweaks
- Some minor cleanups
- Ongoing effort to add GTK3 support
- Support GTK 2.14+
- Translations desperately getting out of date

Changes since 2.6.0b
5472qaywsx (1):
Line breaks broke some titles -> put title on the same line

Andreas Rönnquist (3):
Remove encoding key, not needed any longer
Add Keywords entry to desktop file
Fix building on Hurd

Steven Edwards (11):
fixes / hacks for macOS (tested on 10.15.5 (19F101))
lib: Remove superfluous (since glib 2.32) calls to g_thread_supported
gftp-gtk.c: Only call gtk_window_set_policy on gtk2 builds
src: Remove remaining superfluous (since glib 2.32) calls to g_thread_supported for the text only client
options_dialog.c: replace GTK_CAN_DEFAULT with gtk_widget_set_can_default (w, TRUE)
gtkui.c: replace `w->window` with `gtk_widget_get_window(w)`
src/gtk: gftp-gtk.h/gtkcompat.h remove redundant inclusion of <gtk/gtk.> Add gdkkeysysms-compat.h fix suggested by wdlkmpx
options_dialog.c gtk_dialog_set_has_separator was disabled by default in gtk2.22 and removed in gtk3
gftp-gtk.c: CreateConnectToolbar: avoid GtkHandleBox in GKT3 (#88)
src/gtk: Replace calls of gtk_window_set_wmclass to gtk_window_set_role (#89)
.gitignore - Ignore the DS_Store files the macOS likes to leave around

wdlkmpx (82):
src/gtk: Avoid GtkToggleButton->active cleanup
docs/gftp.desktop: update
merge ChangeLog-old into ChangeLog
delete_dialog.c: use listbox_num_selected() and avoid `askdel()`
delete_dialog.c: remove unused askdel()
delete_dialog.c: merge `_gftp_gtk_free_del_data()` into `yesCB()`
delete_dialog.c: merge `yesCB` into `do_delete_dialog()`
remove delete_dialog.c (move code to menu-items.c)
chmod_dialog.c: gtk_widget_show_all (dialog);
menu-items.c: merge `dosavelog()` into `savelog()`
src/gtk: replace `dialog->vbox` with `gtk_dialog_get_content_area(dialog)`
gtkui_transfer.c: increase width / more GtkTreeViewColumn properties
listbox.c: "size" column: fix right alignment
gtkui_transfer.c: `from` / `to` columns: right alignment (size)
listbox.c: fix some comments..
src/gtk: glist_to_combobox()
gtkui_transfer.c: gtk_widget_show_all (dialog)
gtkui_transfer.c: pass gtkTreeView to un/select_all() callbacks
gtkui_transfer.c: properly name/define/identify gtk callback functions
gtkui_transfer.c: *cancel transfers if response != GTK_RESPONSE_OK
gtkui_transfer.c: merge `gftpui_gtk_ok()` into `on_gtk_dialog_response_transferdlg()`
chmod_dialog.c: properly name/define/identify gtk callback functions
chmod_dialog.c: add padding to frames
src/gtk: add gtkcompat.c / gtkcompat.h
listbox.c: store pointer to gftp_file in a "hidden" column
gtkui_transfer.c: store pointer to gftp_file in a "hidden" column
listbox.c: remove unused `find_gftp_file_by_name()`
GtkTreeView Part3: replace GtkCTree in Bookmarks dialog (bookmarks.c)
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: fix mixed indentation (tabs + spaces)
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: use g_object_new() to create treeview columns..
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: on_gtk_dialog_response_BookmarkDlg callback
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: rename "bm_dialog" to "edit_bm_entry_dlg"
src/gtk: remove unused code
src/gtk/transfer.c: fix mixed space/tab indentation
src/gtk: Bookmarks Dlg: improve dlg menu, avoid GtkUIManager
src/gtk: use "gtk-xx" instead of GTK_STOCK_*
src/gtk: gtkcompat: updates / reduce gtk3 warnings
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: logic to enable/disable "edit","delete" menu items
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: shrink code a bit
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: bookmark to GtkTreeModel (and vice versa)
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: (dlg) look for bookmark entry in GtkTreeModel
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: simplify btree_add_node()
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: merge copy_bm_entry() into btree_add_node()
gftp-gtk.c: don't use GtkTable in main window
gftp-gtk.c: avoid widget->allocation.*
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: gtk_widget_show_all (edit_bm_entry_dlg);
view_dialog.c: don't use GtkTable
chmod_dialog.c: tweaks / add comments
menu-items.c: create GtkAboutDialog with g_object_new()
src/gtk/bookmarks.c: improve build_bookmarks_menu()
src/gtk/transfer.c: hack for glibc < 2.7
support gtk >= 2.14 / glib >= 2.18
src/gtk: (gtkcompat) use gtk_widget_set_halign/valign
src/gtk: gtkcompat: gtk_widget_set_margin_*
remove docs/rfcs `verbose` param
chmod_dialog.c: tweaks / use arrays
chmod_dialog.c: use gtk_dialog_new() and gtk_dialog_add_button()
listbox_select_all_files(): iterate through treeview items
gtkui_transfer.c: simplify logic to get selected transfers
listbox.c: simplify logic to get selected files
listbox_get_selected_file1: iterate / don't use a callback function..
lib/misc.c: consistent indentation
lib/misc.c: remove unused function get_next_selection()
misc-gtk.c: consistent indentation
src/gtk: remove listbox_get_selected_file1()
listbox.c: intptr_t colwidth;
lib/sshv2.c: SSH_FX_NO_SUCH_PATH:
lib/sshv2.c: show description for SSH_FXP_RENAME
lib/sshv2.c: ssh_response_str[]
lib/sshv2.c: log server response > 1 as errors
update gtkcompat (2020-10-11)
src/gtk: use GIOChannel instead of GdkInput
options_dialog.c: "Local hosts": tweaks
src/gtk: options_dialog_localhosts.c
translate src/gtk/listbox.c
GtkTreeView Part4: replace GtkCList in "Local Hosts" tab
update po/gftp.pot

gFTP 2.6.0b

- removed GTK1 support
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ The gFTP file transfer client.

## What are the requirements to run gFTP?

- GTK 2.24
- Glib 2.32+
- GTK 2.14+
- Glib 2.18+

## Supported protocols?
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.11 -Wall foreign no-dist-gzip dist-xz])
m4_ifdef([AM_SILENT_RULES], [AM_SILENT_RULES([yes])])

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