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SANA is a chatterbot application, or half of a chatterbot application to be precise. It's a frontend to the popular Pandorabots API, coded in C programming language. I've coded it just to experiment with the C programming language, not for serious deployment of this application, therefore this application may (or may not) contain bad or offensive code.

Building the Project

> This project needs the standard GCC compiler to be built.
> You also need the LibCURL 4 to be configured in your building environment.
> Clone this repository (or download the sources) in you local storage.
> Open Terminal/CMD and change to the directory containing the sources.
> Issue the `make` command. The project will be compiled as SANA (.exe on Windows).
> Execute from the Terminal (Double clicking the binary works on Windows only).

In-chat Commands

SANA packs some in chat commands. Type `!help` to see the available command list. 
NOTE: Every command starts with the "!" symbol, don't forget to type it.

Loading Alien-bots

You can make SANA load with a different Pandorabot BotID than the built in one. Example:
$ ./SANA --botid a23qrw9r9uqaij4a

Pre-built Binary

Download prebuilt full application from this link (Windows only): [3.08 MB]


SANA is a console application, written in C programming language, to be used as a Pandorabots forntend.



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