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A standalone package using django-orm for database manipulation
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Django ORM Standalone Application



This repository doesn't ship with a django installation. The system must have an existing django installation so that we can safely import required modules. A django app is absolutely not required. Among other requirements is the db backend. If you're planning to use mysql or pgsql - please make sure you have all dependencies met. This code works on Django 1.11.

Application Structure

  • - The Django settings module. Contains the database configuration in it. Modify this file to match your database credentials.

  • - The famous script from django projects.

  • - This where we write codes. This is just a sample file to demonstrate how to import models.

  • data - The data directory works as a django application and contains the which is where you put your models according to django conventions

How to setup?

  • git clone the source as a starting point
  • Change to your project directory
  • Create a new python3 virtualenv: python3 -m venv .env
  • Activate the virtualenv: source .env/bin/activate
  • Install Django: pip install django

How to use?

  • Generate a new SECRET_KEY for your
  • Modify to add your database connection parameters.
  • Open "data/". Modify existing model or add your own.
  • Run python makemigrations to make migration scripts
  • Run python migrate to create the tables and sync db changes. Feel free to use other commands available for django orm.
  • Every time you make changes to models or change db parameters, don't forget to run the migrations.
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