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A small and highly experimental JavaScript repl'ish system for doing live coding presentation
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Evil Evaluator

Live demo:

==== A small and highly experimental project for live code demonstration in JavaScript during presentations or public speeches.

How to use

If you're using the web version available on:, then it's simple. Write code in the top part, the bottom part acts like the console output. every console.log will output there.

To run the code press the run button or press Ctrl+E

Setting Up Locally

  • With NodeJS
npm i -g bower # install bower
bower install # install the components
npm install # install express and others
npm start # start the express server

This should launch a local server ready for using.

  • Without NodeJS

If you would like to deploy it somewhere where NodeJS is not an option (eg. Github pages), you can deploy it without NodeJS. However, you need to install the dependencies using bower and include the bower_components directory with it.

npm i -g bower
bower install


Any good patches are always appreiated

Tools Used

Code mirror -

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