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A django app that allows users to login and generate a photo with a badge added to their original profile photo.
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Facebook Profile Photo Generator

Setting Up

It's a Django app. So the installation/setup is trivial if you have deployed Django applications before.

Install the dependencies from requirements.txt file.

pip install -r requirements.txt

The app by default uses a SQLite Dabase which will be created for you when we run migrations. If you want to use other database engines (eg, mysql) please configure it in file.

Run the migration:

python migrate 

This would create the necessary tables for the app.

We need to update the values for SOCIAL_AUTH_FACEBOOK_KEY and SOCIAL_AUTH_FACEBOOK_SECRET in You can get the API Key and the Secret from Facebook Developers portal.

Once we have run the migrations and set the API keys, we can run the Django dev server:

python runserver

Now visit the url - http://localhost:8000 to see the app.

Replacing The Image

The badge is in resources/badge.png file. It's a PNG image with transparency. You can just replace this image with yours. Or you can hack the codes to do more fancy stuff. You can find the photo generation codes in file, in the accounts_profile function.

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