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A golang based web app to monitor Github trending repositories daily and store them in mongo db
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Scrapes the Github daily trending page for several programming languages and stores them in a mongo db collection.

Setting Up

First, we need to install the dependencies:

go get -u
go get -u
go get -u

Then we can run the server:

go run main.go

Or you can use go build to create a single binary and run it.


By default, it tries to connect to a Mongodb using the url localhost. The default database name is ghdaily and the collection is named repos. These are configurable in the helpers/mongo.go file. There are 3 constants for each of these settings, update them to your liking/setup.

URL Patterns

Cron Job

You can start processing the repos for the day by visiting the url:


That would start a background process to scrape Github and store the results.

You would usually want to setup a cron job to hit this url daily. I could write a CLI to do this but this is just a hobby project and I'm lazy.

Repos List

The trending repos for a particular date can be viewed from:


For example:


This URL would contain the trending PHP repos for 21st March, 2015.

Selecting The Languages

Find the ProcessLanguages function in main.go file. There's a list named languages inside a go routine. Update the list as required.


No, too lazy to set one up.

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