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Scrapes KAT and sends email when new torrents appear
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Monitors Kick Ass Torrents for new Torrents and emails them

What does it do?

I am a big fan of several TV series which I watch from torrents. Kick Ass Torrents is my favorite service for tracking new torrents. It gets a little hard sometimes to repeatedly check KAT for new episodes of my favorite series. So I decided to automate the task.

When you run python it scrapes the torrents available in the categories (eg. tv, movies, animes) you choose and matches with a set of keywords you defined. If there are new torrents available, it sends you an email with the list. It uses MongoDB for storing which torrent it has already emailed.


  • Python 3
  • MongoDB

You need to install the dependencies using pip

pip install -r requirements.txt




You should add the script to a cron job for repeatedly checking.


Edit config.yaml for different configuration options. You can configure pretty much everything. It uses YAML format.

Here are the summary of available configuration options.


Choose the categories of torrents you would like to monitor and choose the keywords you want to look for. You can also choose the number of pages it should monitor (it helps in the case of less popular items) and the source url (in case the domain changes or you want to use a KAT proxy).


The options are fairly obvious. You choose the to, from, subject, template and the smtp details. I locally use Postfix which doesn't need authentication. If your SMTP server needs auth, please modify the send_email function in accordingly.


This section should contain your MongoDB host, port and preferred database and collection

Additional Help

If you need further assistance, you can create an issue on Github or email me to masnun [at]

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