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Tracks KAT for your favorite TV shows and tweets when new episodes are out!
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Torrent Tweeter

Checks Kick Ass Torrent for your favorite TV shows and tweets you when a new episode is out!

Messy Code

The project was initially targeted for a Tessel device. So I tried to minimize dependencies and avoided fancy stuff. But sadly, I could not run cheerio on Tessel and didn't have the enthusiasm to write another layer of regex.

I will clean this code up when I get some more free time. ES6 is in my wishlist. I have started refactoring to ES6. Meanwhile, I would very much appreciate feedback/pull requests.


  • Clone the repository.
  • npm install in the repository
  • Create a new twitter app and generate access tokens.
  • Copy the configs.sample.es6 file and name it configs.es6. Customize it as you need.
  • I used babel to transpile ES6. I used file watchers for babel inside Webstorm. Feel free to use a gulpfile or whatever you like. src/*.es6 => dist/*.js is the transformation done.


Run: node dist/main.js or just node .. That should run the script.

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