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A simple JavaFX app that loops over a single youtube video
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Youtube Repeater

This is my first JavaFx project, so please pardon the messy, hacky code. I also apologize for being irresponsible with the exception handling. I will clean up the codes as I learn more.

What does it do?

You pass a valid youtube video URL and it loops the video. If you're interested to know the looping works, please check out MainController and see how I construct the embed url.

How to build/run it?

I will create stand alone packages soon. But for now you have to build it yourself or run the JAR file I built.

Using the prebuilt JAR file

If you have Java installed, this command should work -

java -jar youtube-repeater.jar

On Windows, the JAR file might launch with Java if you double click it.

Building Yourself
  • First clone the git repository

  • Package the JAR file using maven:

      mvn package	
  • Run it using the above command.

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