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A Python client for the ZOOZ Payment gateway
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ZOOZ Python Client

A Python library for making ZooZ API Calls

Official Documentation

The official docs for ZOOZ can be found on their developer portal - This is an unofficial client library written out of necessity.


Import the client:

from zooz import ZoozClient

Create a new instance of the Client

zooz = ZoozClient(unique_id='<unique_id>',

You can use arguments unpacking with the make_request() method:

transaction = {'cmd': 'openTrx',
               'amount': '0.99',
               'currencyCode': 'USD'}

print zooz.make_request(**transaction)

Which is equivalent to:

print zooz.make_request(cmd='openTrx',amount=0.99, currencyCode='USD')

Or you can also directly call the ZooZ commands:

print zooz.openTrx(amount=0.99, currencyCode='USD')

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