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Lithium PHP + MongoDB E-commerce showcase application

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Copyright 2011, Martin Samson The BSD License

Chowly is a Lithium powered "deal selling" site like Groupon and Living Social.

It is not complete, many tests have yet to be written and a payment gateway integration is not provided.

Some icons (webroot/img/silk) by Mark James

A alpha/beta can be seen at


  • Nate Abele
  • Joel Perras
  • gwoo
  • tom_m
  • edude03
  • Mitch Pirtle

All the folks on the #li3 freenode channel.

Technical Details

Chowly is built using Lithium, jQuery, MongoDB, TCPDF and a few other li3 libraries.

Development started on lithium 0.9+ from January to May 2011.

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