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Fast, small, webkit based browser framework extensible by Lua.
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luakit is a fast, light and simple to use micro-browser framework exensible by Lua using the WebKit web content engine and the GTK+ toolkit.

Dont Panic!

You don't have to be a developer to use luakit on a daily basis. If you are familiar with vimperator, pentadactyl, jumanji, uzbl & etc you will find luakit behaves similarly out of the box.


  • gtk2
  • Lua (5.1)
  • lfs (lua file system)
  • libwebkit (webkit-gtk)
  • libunique
  • sqlite3


To compile the stock luakit run:


To link against LuaJIT (if you have LuaJIT installed) run:


To build without libunique (which uses dbus) run:


To build with a custom compiler run:

make CC=clang

Note to packagers: you may wish to build luakit with:


To prevent luakit searching in relative paths (./config & ./lib) for user configs.

The USE_LUAJIT=1, USE_UNIQUE=0, PREFIX=/path, DEVELOPMENT_PATHS=0, CC=clang build options do not conflict. You can use whichever you desire.


To install luakit run:

sudo make install

The luakit binary will be installed at:


And configs to:


And the luakit libraries to:


To change the install prefix you will need to re-compile luakit (after a make clean) with the following option:

make PREFIX=/usr
sudo make PREFIX=/usr install

Use Luakit

Just run:

luakit [URI..]

Or to see the full list of luakit launch options run:

luakit -h


The configuration options are endless, the entire browser is constructed by the config files present in /etc/xdg/luakit

There are several files of interest:

  • rc.lua -- is the main config file which dictates which and in what order different parts of the browser are loaded.
  • binds.lua -- defines every action the browser takes when you press a button or combination of buttons (even mouse buttons, direction key, etc) and the browser commands (I.e. :quit, :restart, :open, :lua <code>, etc).
  • theme.lua -- change fonts and colours used by the interface widgets.
  • window.lua -- is responsible for building the luakit browser window and defining several helper methods (I.e. w:new_tab(uri), w:close_tab(), w:close_win(), etc).
  • webview.lua -- is a wrapper around the webview widget object and is responsible for watching webview signals (I.e. "key-press", "load-status", "resource-request-starting", etc). This file also provides several window methods which operate on the current webview tab (I.e. w:reload(), w:eval_js("code here.."), w:back(), w:forward()).
  • modes.lua -- manages the modal aspect of the browser and the actions that occur when switching modes.
  • globals.lua -- change global options like scroll/zoom step, default window size, useragent, search engines, etc.

Just copy the files you wish to change (and the rc.lua) into $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/luakit (defaults to ~/.config/luakit/) and luakit will use those files when you next launch it.


To delete luakit from your system run:

sudo make uninstall

If you installed with a custom prefix remember to add the identical prefix here also, example:

sudo make PREFIX=/usr uninstall

Reporting Bugs

Please use the bug tracker at:


Mailing list

Subscribe to the development mailing list here:

Or view the archives at:


Join us in #luakit on the network.

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